How can I be happier

Getting happier: This one question will change your life for the better

Our day is filled with things from the "still have to do" category. And because this list is often very long (or at least very difficult to implement because you simply don't feel like it), the rest of the day is no longer enough for the beautiful things in life.

And so you work your way through the week without even once having the feeling: Yes, I'm fine now. So it's no wonder that many of us wish to become more relaxed and satisfied.

If you want to become happier, you have to wake up

Most of us are stuck in the everyday hamster wheel. Actually, all of our life we ​​only work towards the weekend. Just do this and that quickly and then it’s finally the weekend and time for beautiful things.

The problem with all the stress: When the weekend finally arrives, many simply lack the energy to do something nice. But that's exactly what you would need to refill the tanks. Ergo: You stay on the couch with Netflix and let the weekend go by without being used. How can you get so happier?

And even for those who use the weekend to devote themselves to the finer things in life, there is not enough time to completely relax.

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Stress is the death of satisfaction

But it is even worse for the people who do not come down even on the weekend. Those who then work through their to-do lists themselves: whipping up the house, doing the big weekend shopping, driving children to their hobbies and doing everything else that "got stuck" during the week.

Become happier: A simple question makes it possible

No wonder that on Mondays we start the week puked (yes, exactly that). The dilemma that we allow ourselves to be maltreated every day by things that we believe must be done can be solved very easily. You just have to be clear about how you want to weight the chore on your mental to-do list.

Is it really necessary to declare war on the bugs every Saturday? Or do you just have this urge to do it because it was always like that you pick up the vacuum cleaner every Saturday?

Every task is questioned from now on. And every task that the question "Is that really important?" does not survive with a clear 'yes' is deleted with immediate effect. This is the only way you can be more satisfied in the long run.

Lower your demands on yourself

Let's take a specific example: the annoying weekly cleaning on the weekend. We have had a busy week at work and / or with the kids. The booth doesn't have to look perfect again on Saturday morning.

Of course it should be hygienic, but it doesn't have to be lightning. Everyone can certainly make compromises for themselves. We actually do a hell of a lot of household chores that aren't really necessary (there are even supposed to be people who iron their underpants!).

Just work out in your head how many hours a week you do things that you don't like. And then extrapolate it to a month, and then times twelve, and then times the years of life that correspond to average life expectancy.

The number of hours that comes out of it should be more than frightening. Therefore: let five be straight more often. Nobody is perfect - so stop chasing after the ideal. Because accepting and accepting precisely this imperfection makes you more satisfied. Easier said than done? Then here are 5 tips against perfectionism that will help you. But here too, the following applies: Don't worry, you don't have to follow all the tips at once.

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Keep unloved duties small

However, if you find a task important and indispensable, ask yourself whether there is another way to do it, for example by breaking it down into small sub-tasks so that you are less stressed about it.

So you can distribute a mammoth task over the week, i.e. only vacuuming on the weekend, doing laundry, shopping and cleaning the bathroom during the week.

You should keep all tasks that fall into the area of ​​"unloved duty" as small as possible. Anyone who knows that they have to scrub the house for the next two hours is more tormented than dividing the tasks into smaller parts. The 15 minutes to get the bathroom going can be found much faster and you have already ticked something off your to-do list.

Learn to prioritize in order to become happier

It often helps to write down the tasks in the classic way. By writing things down, you can get them out of your head first. That really helps!

So make a haptic to-do list and prioritize them all chores under the following three categories:

  • I have to do it
  • I would also have to do it
  • I don't really have to do it

Everything that falls into the last category should really not be considered important and should be deleted first. And: There is nothing better than ticking an item on the to-do list. (You can cross out hated tasks in a rage. It helps the nerves.)

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Become more satisfied: Down with the stress of leisure time!

Of course, our to-do list isn't just about stupid tasks. There are also those things that we like to do or things that we think are good for us, like exercising or going out in the evening.

But what if these actually beautiful tasks also unconsciously stress us out? "Leisure stress" is ultimately not what is good for us and what makes us feel good, is it?

If sport only becomes a constant negative topic because we again failed to pull ourselves up and defeat our weaker self, then sport will at some point be something purely negative in our lives.

Something that sits on our backs every day as a "to-do" and stresses us out. And to be honest: It's not worth the little feeling of wellbeing after exercising.

Put an end to the must

Make sure you realize that the beautiful things in our free time can also be stressful. Nobody HAS to go to the gym four times a week just because their tough colleague always does it. And nobody HAS to cook everything fresh just because it is healthier.

And you don't always have to meet friends at the weekend, you can also lounge around on the couch. You don't have to do anything at all. Nothing relaxes anymore.

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To be satisfied means: More time for beautiful things

Let's get to the last point: the things that we absolutely love to do. Everything that is really good for you should get more space from now on. And above all: It shouldn't fall behind because the annoying tasks took up too much time.

So if your sport or morning coffee is important to you, then take your time. When you are relaxed, the compulsory tasks will also be much faster.

In this sense: create your own space. Life shouldn't be a compulsory course, but your favorite course of choice.