What are the most health conscious states

The normal normal


With the opening of the inns, for many, everything is finally back to normal.

Even if the country unlocked a few weeks ago after the crisis, whose name you shouldn't name, for many the final end of the lockdown was only sealed with the opening of the cafés and restaurants (unless you are still an artist in deserted ranks and money-free exchanges).

Finally you no longer have to wash your coffee mug yourself. Finally you can hit your ears again all night in the pub, if by dawn one understands 11 p.m. At last it is allowed to go in and out of the dining room again to smoke.

The opening of the companies is an important step towards normality. But which one is meant now? Much has been said about the new normality to which one returns when the old normality has had its day. It should show that everything is fine again after the crisis, but not quite yet. So fucking in the swingers club: Yes, but with caution and distance. It is even allowed to get infected, but please not with Corona. According to the Salzburg governor (name of the editor known), normal normality should come after this new normality. Translated, it means something like "what most have always done". It seems to be that desirable state of earthly nirvana to which one desperately wants to return again and again. This status is not particularly spectacular, it is neither super nor diesel, just normal. Without ups and downs, no pulse accelerator, but a time that scarcely scrapes boredom. People react like seismographs to every deviation and therefore initially describe every new and unknown situation with “but that's not normal!”.

Medicine lives from the existence of the normal. Their main job is to bring patients out of the abnormal spectrum and into the normal range. Diversity is such a nasty word, so we prefer to speak of pathologies. Regardless of whether it's blood values ​​or character traits Admittedly, a few small quirks are allowed, but if you move too far into the outskirts of the Gaussian normal distribution, you quickly have a diagnosis on your neck. After all, we have to sort our patients somehow in order to send the receipts for billing to the health insurance company. And in the colorful ICD-10 and DSM-V disease catalogs there is no chapter about normal conditions. Only the abnormality, i.e. orthorexia, allows even the most obedient and health-conscious people to suffer from a disorder.

So let's enjoy it as long as normality is still a state of exception. Then it remains exciting.