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Linus Gauler successful in "Youth presented"

D. Osewold and B. Kemnitz
Friday, May 7th, 2021

Schoolchildren from the seminar subject "Science on stage" (SF 203) took part in the competition "Youth presents" this year. With their presentations on a scientific and mathematical topic, they impressed the “Youth Presented” jury. The submission of the contributions was made digitally for our students due to current events. Linus Gauler made it into one of eight country finals with his presentation on the subject of “View into Infinity”. We congratulate Linus on this great success.

The competition "Youth presents"
In the first round, almost 350 videos were submitted nationwide. There was also the opportunity to apply through school competitions in which around 4,000 pupils in 52 schools took part. After completing this first round, a total of 350 participants were able to qualify for the country finals.

Everyone who qualified for the country finals could already look forward to their first prize: an individual 45-minute coaching session with the “youth presents” trainers at the University of Tübingen. Together with the participants, they take a look at the respective presentation in a personal coaching session and give valuable suggestions on how to improve your presentation even further.

The "Youth Presents" initiative
"Youth presents" is a nationwide educational initiative of the Klaus Tschira Foundation (Heidelberg) in cooperation with Wissenschaft im Dialog (Berlin). The initiative was launched in 2011 with the aim of promoting presentation skills and an understanding of scientific and mathematical topics in schools. The nationwide presentation competition is organized annually. In addition, “Youth Presents” offers free teaching materials and teacher training. These materials and all trainings are developed and carried out by a team of scientists at the seminar for general rhetoric at the University of Tübingen. The impact of the initiative is scientifically evaluated on an ongoing basis.

Informatik-Biber 2020 - 10th participation of the Westerstede grammar school

Daniel Osewold
Wednesday, February 03, 2021

Despite the special circumstances, the Westerstede grammar school took part in November 2020 with 271 students in the largest IT competition in Europe, the "IT beaver" with 381,580 participants. In the school's own mathematics curriculum at our school, participation in the beaver competition in the 6th year is a compulsory component, for everyone else it is voluntary.

Outstanding results from the Westerstede grammar school

This year our school was very successful in different years. Seven of our students were able to reach the first price level. This means that they were among the best 2.6% of all participants in Germany. Eleven other students reached the second price level. We warmly congratulate everyone who was among them on their successful participation! They will receive their certificates when they are back in class at school.

Getting children interested in the topic of computer science at an early stage

"In order to be successful, you don't need any special prior knowledge in the field of computer science," emphasizes Dr. Wolfgang Pohl as managing director of the nationwide IT competitions. Rather, the aim is to convey the fascination of IT thinking to the participants. This time entertaining tasks related to everyday life were in the foreground again. The students at the Westerstede grammar school had to solve 18 of these tasks within 40 minutes as part of the online competition.

The Informatik-Biber is supported by the Society for Informatics (GI), the Fraunhofer IuK-Technologie and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics and funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

In the footsteps of Rosalind Franklin and Stephanie Kwolek - successful chemistry students at the Westerstede grammar school awarded

H. Kratsch
Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Once again, in the previous round, some students from our school took part in the first round of the International Chemistry Olympiad. Two students from the 11th grade and one student from the 13th grade did particularly well. Congratulations!

Vanessa Werwein and Inka Frölje (born 11) received a certificate from Mr. Heidmeier (organizer of the chemistry Olympics at our school) and Mr. Kratsch in recognition of their commitment.

Jelte Meyer, who is in the 13th year of Mr. Heidmeier's chemistry course, has already taken part in the Chemistry Olympiad for the second time and easily survived the first round in both rounds. She also received a certificate. However, she will not take part in the second-round exams in order to be able to concentrate fully on the upcoming Abitur exams.

Successful participation will also be reflected in their chemistry grade for all three students. Successful participation is also documented on the Abitur certificate so that universities or companies can quickly see that an exceptional commitment in the field of chemistry took place here. We hope to continue to take part in numerous competitions of this kind. Perhaps the youngsters will also be successful in the future!

The new damn.write is here!

AG school newspaper
Friday 18th December 2020

Dear students, dear teachers,

here is the latest edition of your school newspaper damn.write!

As announced, this 12th edition is not available in paper form due to the corona, but online and free of charge - but that's the only difference. Have fun with it!

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,
your damn.write editorial team

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It's going to be Christmassy!

Thursday 10th December 2020

Just in time for the beginning of Advent, the school yard and the break hall are illuminated by the glow of numerous fairy lights and Advent decorations. As in the previous year, the student council organized and festively decorated a Christmas tree for the center of the courtyard. The small stage in the break hall has been transformed into a winter wonderland with trees, gifts and an advent calendar, the cafeteria and the cafeteria are illuminated by light curtains and the small cafeteria has its own little starry sky.

This year the school had to overcome a few difficult situations, and the current exam phase is stressful for both the student body and the teaching staff. Therefore, as the student council, we hope that the new light will bring a little joy to the sometimes dreary everyday school life.

In addition, the student body tried again this year to please those who would otherwise get nothing. Within two weeks, a total of exactly 100 shoe boxes were packed, which are now being sent in cooperation with the Christmas parcel convoy to countries where children would otherwise not receive Christmas presents. We are very happy about the large number of participants and would like to thank everyone who helped!

We wish you a merry Advent season!

Ceremonial handover of the youth art prizes of the Kunstverein Neuenburg

Josephin Meyer
Monday September 14, 2020

In February of this year, some students from the Westerstede grammar school won the “Songwriting” youth art award from the Neuenburg Art Association (“Bahner”).

The winning songs were recorded in March, but the handover of the finished CD was delayed due to the Corona crisis. On August 27th, 2020 all participants in Rastede finally received the long-awaited CD from producer Peter Patzer and some representatives of the "Bahner".

The singer Geske Hinrichs and her bandmates Niklas Behrens (drums), Ole Kolpack (piano), Max Schwabe (guitar) and Christopher Schöne (vocals and bass) were there. Also present were the soloist Linus Zinn and the soloist Josephin Meyer as well as another band from the Paulus-Schule Oldenburg. Unfortunately, Josephin's companion, Sophie Perenthaler, was unable to attend.

The "Bahner" organized a wonderful afternoon where all musicians could listen to their songs together and share their experiences.

At this point we, the participants, would like to thank Ms. Schlichting for her constant support, Doris Hauptmann, who went to great lengths to coordinate the cooperation between the students, the art association and the recording studio, and Peter Patzer for the great production. Our thanks also go, of course, to the art association “Bahner”, which gave us the opportunity to record our songs professionally.

Furthermore, we would like to use this platform to do a little advertising: The recorded CDs will be sold soon and we would be very happy if you were interested!

The cultivation is ready! 16th construction phase in the history of the grammar school officially inaugurated

the school administration
Saturday 5th September 2020

After the new rooms of the extension to the east building had already been filled with life by the students on the first day of school, it was finally officially opened on Friday, August 28, 2020.

In a ceremony in the early afternoon, Mayor Michael Rösner handed over the extension of the east building as the 16th construction phase in the history of the Westerstede grammar school in the presence of numerous representatives of the school committee, the administration of the city of Westerstede, the pupils and parents, the teaching staff and other guests our headmaster Mr. Kratsch. In their speeches, the mayor and school principal thanked the political decision-makers as well as the companies involved, the team of architects and the many people who were involved in the construction process of this building.

Her speeches were framed by atmospheric musical contributions, presented by Ms. Hackbarth, Ms. Kleffner, Ms. Schlichting and Mr. Perenthaler.

Even if the event could only take place in a small group due to the current Corona situation, the satisfaction of all those involved with the new building became clear. In particular, the local politicians present were able to get an impression of how well the money made available had been used.

The school authority, the city of Westerstede, invested a total of around 4.7 million euros in the construction of 10 classrooms and two meeting rooms as well as a larger number of toilets. While Mr. Brumloop, our former headmaster, was still a major driving force behind the political decision-making process, it was especially Mr. Lange who accompanied the school's planning process from beginning to end, not least due to the various construction plans, color samples and furniture Trying it out could be seen which shaped the image of his office over many months.

Up until the last day of the summer vacation, craftsmen, cleaning staff and our caretaker, Mr. Hemmieoltmanns, made sure that the rooms were available on time at the beginning of the school year. With the 2020/21 school year, and thus also in line with the increased need for space due to the re-establishment of the 13th year, the many years of provisional container classes and the sometimes considerable lack of space at the grammar school will come to an end for the time being.

Many thanks to everyone involved!

Information on the 2020/21 school year

Henning Kratsch
Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Dear students,
Dear parents and legal guardians,

I hope that you and you all had a nice vacation and enjoyed the summer despite the corona-related restrictions.

Even if the virus is still part of our everyday life, the state of Lower Saxony has decided that the schools will initially start the school year in a so-called "restricted regular operation" in order to create as much normality as possible. Against this background, I am very pleased to be able to welcome all the students from our school back to our house from Thursday. At the same time, I am pleased that with the 13th year we have now reached the full expansion stage of the 9-year high school again. In addition, we can move into the new premises of our school with the start of the school year and will benefit from an improvement in the area of ​​digital equipment in the coming weeks, which has picked up speed again thanks to the “digital pact”.

After we had to say goodbye to some colleagues in the last school year, we can join Ms. Rogalski (En, Po), Ms. Wulf (Ch, Bi), Ms. Zelmanski (En, Bi) and Ms. von Varel as our new social pedagogue at the beginning of the school year greet us. Furthermore, Ms. Roskam, Ms. Wiegels and Ms. Triphaus will start as trainee teachers with us. Ms. Groeneveld will complement us in the secretariat and will take over the tasks from Ms. Finke, who is unfortunately leaving us to take advantage of new professional opportunities.

Some upcoming or already started parental leave will lead to teacher changes in some places in the course of this school year. I ask for your understanding.

Even in the beginning of the school year, a few lessons will be organized in the form of “learning at home”, as some colleagues are not allowed to take part in face-to-face lessons due to the risk of infection. More information on this can be found in the appendix and via the class leaders.

Many questions with a view to the coming school year will only be answered over time, depending on the development of the pandemic and the associated numbers of infections. What's next with school trips? What about excursions, trips or cultural events? How will we deal with possible infections from members of our school community? I will inform you and you about significant changes in each case during the course of the year.

The updated regulations of our school for dealing with the virus can be found on our homepage. I urgently ask for your attention here so that everyone involved knows how to behave before school starts and we can achieve as much security as possible together.

I wish all of us a reasonably “normal”, productive school year and together a lot of energy to cope with difficult challenges or setbacks.

H. Kratsch

The Big Challenge: Jona from the 5d is national winner!

J. Pohlig
Monday 13th July 2020

This year's English competition The Big Challenge was under special auspices due to the corona: With the school closing in mid-March, one had to assume that it would fail completely. But then at some point the news came that it was possible to hold the competition, not at school, but from home.

The English teachers teaching in grades 5 and 6, who are in close IServ contact with their classes anyway, informed their students, explained the procedures for online participation and provided them with the necessary access data - and they could do it on their home PC or go tablet! So everyone who was registered was able to face the Big Challenge despite Corona, individually and at a time of their own choosing. You can hear they enjoyed it!

And now the most important thing: We have had a huge success! Jona Röhling from class 5d became the nationwide Big Challenge winner in his year with the full score of 350 points! This is a really outstanding achievement, on which Frank Tegeler (Jonas English teacher in 5th class), Joachim Pohlig (English specialist) and Henning Kratsch (headmaster) especially congratulate!

The school and Jona are happy about this great result - the Big Challenge 2021 can come!

Visit of the Lower Saxony Minister of Education Grant Hendrik Tonne at the Westerstede grammar school

Thursday June 25, 2020

On Wednesday, June 17, 2020, the Westerstede schools and the city of Westerstede as the school authority were presented with funding notices amounting to around 420,000 euros during a small ceremony in our auditorium.

A large part of this sum, namely 246,800 euros, is earmarked for the digital expansion of the grammar school. In addition to providing a reliable, functional W-LAN network, the money will be invested in the further technical modernization of the classrooms and in digital devices such as tablets.

As is now almost the norm, this event was also shaped by the distance between the guests. However, they were very close in terms of content at the latest when the approval notices from the DigitalPact School were handed over. Our headmaster Henning Kratsch, who spoke on behalf of the headmasters of the Westersted schools, as well as Mayor Michael Rösner thanked the minister and the state for the generous support that enables the school authorities to advance their schools in the field of digitization.

In particular, the city's IT department was explicitly praised by the school principal and the mayor for its great commitment. Without their work, this applies to the practical supervision of the schools as well as the conceptual planning and acquisition of funding from the state, the schools in the city would be in a much worse position.

In his address, Mr. Kratsch emphasized the great importance of media equipment in schools and the use of digital possibilities in teaching for successful school education in the 21st century. School must prepare students for the change processes of the coming decades. Digital devices and media are an increasingly important addition to school teaching and learning - no more, but also no less. They should and they could not replace the in-depth examination of the educational content in school lessons, but they can clearly support it.

The minister of education attested to the city and its schools that they were on the right track. This is also shown by the early retrieval of the funding, which he was able to symbolically hand over on Wednesday. Further funds are available and the topic of digitization will certainly continue to play an important role in the future.

For Minister Tonne it was already the second short stay at the Westerstede High School, as he had already paid us a visit in 2019 on the occasion of his patronage for the first science forum.

Who am I?

Dennis F. (7c) / Constance Wolter
Thursday April 23, 2020

Hello, I'm ... oh no, I'm not going to tell you yet. Perhaps you will find out while reading these lines, when I tell you about my development.

Back then, when Johannes Gutenberg invented movable type between 1440 and 1450, I was increasingly becoming a mass medium. I made sure that more and more people learned to read and write in order, for example, to record and pass on religious writings or medical knowledge in me, i.e. to be able to learn something with my help. In addition, thanks to me, people were able to form their own opinion, e.g. by reading critical texts.

I think everyone knows who I am now.

Exactly, I am the printed book, a very important human achievement. I mean, who else is supposed to bring love, mood, fear and fantasy into the world or change the worldview, as happened when, for example, I spread the ideas of the Enlightenment ... - except maybe the e-book. Lately they have been totally in and many believe that e-books are much easier to read because you don't have to turn pages. I am much less sensitive and can even fall into the sand. I have to admit that reading e-books is cheaper, but it makes you transparent. For example, companies such as Google, Apple and Amazon can find out what, where and how to read. If you don't want to share this information with strangers, you'd better reach out to me until there is a solution to this problem.

Nevertheless, I could imagine a friendship with my digital version, since we actually both pursue the same goal: We want to bring people entertainment and knowledge. Everything is only about the intrinsic value, and that is the same for me and my digital version.

I hope that I have piqued your curiosity and that we will see you soon ... at the latest on April 23rd, 2020 for World Book Day.

Dennis F., grade 7c

What happened if…

... today would be a normal day at school?

Then it would be Thursday. Thursday April 23rd, 2020.
What would be so special about that?

In 1995 April 23rd was declared UNESCO World Book Day - reading, reading aloud, books and the rights of authors are celebrated around the world on this day. You probably know this day too - because many teachers order the free booklet “I'll give you a story” for their fourth and fifth grades. Do you remember?

Reading events are held every year in many bookstores and libraries on this day. Events were also planned for this year, which unfortunately have to be postponed. One of these events was the district decision for this year's reading competition, at which Tim from the 6c would have represented us - oh, what would have meant! Is represented! Because postponed is not canceled!

Tim was class winner of the 6c, then he prevailed in the school decision and later in the district decision! We'll keep you up to date on when things will continue and will keep our fingers crossed for Tim when he competes in the district decision!

Constance Wolter

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