Should GM build a C8 Corvette SUV

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Update: How The roadshow reported that according to a statement by Mike Simcoe, the vehicle in question is an upcoming Buick model and therefore not a Corvette offshoot. This means that the all-clear can be given at this point.

There have been rumors for a long time that Chevrolet could expand the Corvette brand to a model series - similar to the way the Mustang has received a crossover SUV brother with the Mach-E. With the start of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas today, GM has put together a presentation in which various important people at GM are talking about new electric vehicles and upcoming technology such as autonomous driving.

Particularly astonishing was a vehicle hidden in the background that appears around the 20 minute mark behind GM design chief Mike Simcoe. Right next to the new Hummer is an SUV that is very reminiscent of the new C8 Corvette from the front. So what could this vehicle be about?

In the article you will find a screenshot of the moment in the stream, as well as a comparison of the car with the C8. What do you all mean? Could that be a Corvette-inspired SUV?

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