How does light therapy help with psoriasis

Does light therapy help relieve psoriasis symptoms?

UV light therapy can have various side effects. The radiation can dry out the skin and cause itching. Therefore, it makes sense to apply a moisture-binding care product to yourself immediately after the treatment. In addition, there is often sunburn-like skin irritation, and rarely burns with blistering.

In people who are prone to cold sores, light therapy may encourage an outbreak of the. To prevent this, you can protect your lips with sunscreen before treatment. Taking psoralen as part of a PUVA can cause nausea and vomiting. These side effects do not occur with psoralen as a bath additive.

Less common side effects are inflammation of the roots of the hair and raised red patches of skin, but these disappear after a few days.

To avoid side effects, it is important not to go into the sun on the day of treatment or to protect yourself outside with appropriate clothing, sunglasses and sunscreen. Especially after PUVA, it is important not to expose yourself to any further solar radiation.

Another disadvantage of UV therapies is that the treatment requires many visits to the doctor and the treatments take a long time to complete. Therefore, it is difficult for some people to reconcile them with work, family and everyday life.