Why should you write by hand?

10 reasons why we should hand write more

Status: 19.01.2021 5:27 p.m. | Author: Dhala Rosado

Pen pals, shopping lists, paper calendars: in the past we used to grab pen and paper every day. For Handwriting Day on January 23rd, we're going to tell you about the advantages of writing things down by hand.

Just a few years ago it was perfectly normal to always have a pen and paper ready when you were out and about. Today we keep digital diaries and to-do lists and write emails instead of letters. The written word has become a rarity. This is not only a shame for nostalgic reasons, but above all a great loss for our brain.

A plea for more handwriting and a declaration of love for pen and paper - because there are good reasons to pick up the pen:

1. You save time

Sounds illogical at first because most people type faster with the keyboard - especially because they are out of practice when it comes to handwriting. Even so, a study at the University of Washington showed that children can write down more text in less time with pen and paper than with a keyboard.

Now, of course, one can argue that children are inexperienced in using a keyboard - but so are they in using a pen. The researchers assume that their results can be transferred to adults. Your reason: ...

2. Words are chosen more consciously

If you want to write something down by hand, you have to think carefully about what you want to record before writing. After all, nothing can be deleted or replaced. So you write more carefully and efficiently by hand.

3. You are more creative

Concentrating on the content has another advantage: You can write more graphically. The Washington study shows that stories written with a pen are more creative than stories typed on the computer.

The pen acts like a direct extension of the brain, our imagination and our imagination is amplified. It is precisely for this reason that many writers write their first drafts of new text by hand.

4. You learn better

No matter how long ago it was your last exam, very few of us learned straight from the book, right? Usually you take notes. In fact, it is best to handwrite these notes. Because typing speed is a problem here too: Most people type faster than they can think. So less gets stuck while writing.

If you formulate your learning content by hand, you have enough time to burn yourself into your brain. Often it is enough to reread the notes shortly before the exam.

5. Handwriting is messy

Every "A" looks the same on the keyboard - not handwritten. The brain can remember disorder better. So: never be ashamed of your doodles again! A little chaos doesn't hurt.

6. Your handwriting is unique

Somehow that thought is romantic, isn't it? We can change our clothes, our hairstyle, even our nose shape and eye color - but not our own handwriting. Be proud of it - it is as individual as you are! Experts even consider handwriting to be part of body language.

7. It trains your brain

The brain thinks with the hand. Experiments have shown that those who write by hand activate their fine motor skills - and thus the brain regions for thinking as well as for language and memories. They are largely paralyzed when typing.

8. You remember more easily

For the reasons mentioned, writing by hand is simply more exhausting than typing. But it can be the best reminder: You can not only memorize learning notes better, but also appointments, tasks and to-dos. Everything that you scratch into paper with a pen, you also scratch into the convolutions of your brain at the same time.

9. You understand better

In addition, you don't just memorize the content - you actually internalize it. The moment you pick up the pen, you better "understand" what you are writing down. Grasping and feeling the pen visualizes your own handwriting - and you won't forget it that quickly.

For comparison: when we have to set a password, we often choose combinations of numbers that remind us of something - for example an important birthday. We use it to visualize the password and make it easier for us to remember it.

10. Just one word: love letters

Let's be honest: Getting a declaration of love is always nice. Of course, a WhatsApp message can also be romantic - but a real love letter is a completely different number, isn't it?


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