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positionJump Start Technology
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Advertised forJob (1-3 years of work experience)
Difficulty of the application

Application process

After I submitted my application online, it didn't take long before I received an email and a short telephone interview was arranged. This did not take long, it was only about a few basic conditions and a brief presentation of the Jump Start program. This was followed by an invitation to the selection day at the Kronberg im Taunus site. Because I come from far away, Accenture booked a hotel room for me nearby and covered travel expenses for my arrival and departure.

The selection day started at 10:00 a.m., a total of around 15-20 competitors were there, all of whom applied for different jump-start programs. After there was an overview of the daily routine, each applicant should briefly introduce themselves again to the group. After this introduction, all applicants were divided into three different groups and the first case was distributed. This case was a group task and it was about the treatment of a fictional airline that introduced a new system and unexpected complications arose shortly before the presentation and press conference. The task was to communicate this to the project manager and to prepare an adequate proposal for a solution. The project manager in the case was a consultant. During the case, the group members are observed by the recruiting, but this is not that bad. The most important thing is simply to get actively involved in the group discussion, make suggestions, listen to other members, and ensure a good group discussion.
My group consisted of 5 competitors and we were able to solve the case quite well, which is why we were also praised by recruiting. The presentation of the solutions will also be held in English, i.e. a consultant will ask questions about the presented solutions. A small tip here is that you pay attention to the time for processing and not to dwell on small things too much.
After the group case comes the first individual case, this was a role play that you had to prepare and then analyze in an active conversation with a consultant. I was dealing with the XY theory. The conversation with the consultant was very pleasant and extremely constructive. After these first two cases, you have lunch break and eat with all the recruiters and competitors in the Accenture canteen. I can only say one thing, the food in the canteen is divine. Accenture assumes all costs.

After the lunch break, some applicants were sent home if they couldn't convince the recruiting team in the morning. While some of the applicants continued with interviews, the other part of the applicants completed a multiple-choice test. The multiple choice test aims to reach a technical agreement. Here you should prepare yourself at home. The questions were very challenging, but fair overall. It's all a matter of good preparation. The job interview is a typical job interview where you introduce yourself, ask questions about your résumé and see if you have the professional background for the job being advertised. On the whole, the interview was a very good interview, the questions that were asked were very fair, not too difficult and for everyone to answer. The most important questions were what motivation you had to apply to Accenture and what position you see yourself in the company in the long term. After these two steps comes the last case that you have to prepare, which is a single case for the introduction of a just-in-time supplier system. Here you should write the benefits of just-in-time, a project plan and a response to a letter of complaint. After the preparation you had 3 minutes to present it and the recruiters asked questions for 2 minutes afterwards.

When this is done, the recruiters withdraw to decide which applicants will receive an offer and which will not. The offer is made on the same day.

Tips on for future applicants:

- Be authentic, don't try to play roles that you can't hold out for long. The recruiters can see that immediately.
- You should prepare yourself intensively for potential questions in the interview, such as "Why Accenture of all places?" and "What position do you want to hold at Accenture in the long term?"
- Take a look at the positions you have applied for and prepare yourself for any technical questions that may be relevant.
- Practice cases at home, which are typical for management consultancies.
- I would work through the following book in preparation, it helped me a lot and is also available in every city library:
"The insider dossier: successfully mastering the selection process at top companies assessment centers and demanding recruitment tests"
- Train yourself to present yourself and be able to answer all questions about your résumé, especially if you have gaps in your résumé.
- Be collegial, supportive and actively participate in the group discussion.
- Another tip: Smile a lot! Keep smiling :)

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