What cellulite is to laypeople

Fighting cellulite: this is how it works!

First of all, the good news: Cellulite is medically safe. Something else is nice anyway. And even slim women and even men are not immune to cellulite. The dents can form on the legs, buttocks, stomach and arms. The following tips can be used to fight cellulite:

Fighting Cellulite: Healthy Eating

It is not for nothing that it is said: You are what you eat. Because in the case of orange peel, the wrong diet is often to blame. If you want to fight or prevent cellulite, a balanced diet is particularly important. Too much fat, sugar and salt promotes the storage of fat or water in the skin. This creates the unsightly dents. Avoid particularly sweet and fatty foods and prefer fruit and vegetables. Vitamin C-rich varieties such as kiwi fruit and paprika are particularly suitable because they stimulate the fat metabolism.

Fight cellulite: drink a lot

Even if at this point you yawn and say, “I've heard that 100 times.” In the fight against orange peel, drinking a lot is particularly important in addition to a healthy diet. It should be two to three liters of water or unsweetened tea. Due to the high fluid intake, waste products and toxins are flushed out of the body. The skin appears plumper as a result. Fruit juices or soft drinks are taboo, their high sugar content favors orange peel.

Fighting cellulite: alternating showers

Alternating showers can be quite helpful in fighting cellulite. The change between cold and warm water stimulates the blood circulation. In addition, the fat metabolism is boosted. It is best to alternate between hot and cold three times in a row. Always finish the process with cold water.

Fighting cellulite: exercise is a must

When it comes to fighting cellulite, too, nothing works without exercise. The muscles relax due to lack of movement. In addition, the blood flow decreases, which in turn has an impact on the metabolism. A combination of endurance and strength training is ideal for the fight against orange peel. Endurance sports such as jogging, walking or cycling stimulate fat burning. Strength training builds muscles and tightens connective tissue. Anyone who is afraid that the jogging jogging will make the connective tissue even more slack - swimming and aqua fitness are extremely effective cellulite killers.

Fighting cellulite: massages

Do you just want to massage away the orange peel? It's not that simple, but regular massages can actually fight cellulite. Simply clamp individual areas of skin between your thumb and forefinger, lift it up and then let it fall again. Just as effective: massage the affected areas in a circular motion with a massage glove, nub brush or coarse sponge. This stimulates the blood circulation and tightens the skin.

Also interesting:You can easily make your own scrub using natural ingredients. Try it out - we have the right recipe for every skin type!

Fighting cellulite: lymphatic drainage

Do you suffer from very pronounced orange peel and have you already tried everything to combat cellulite? Then lymphatic drainage may help. A blocked lymphatic system is often the cause of cellulite. A professional masseur or physiotherapist can resolve the congestion. In this way, harmful substances in the skin can be removed again. Nutrients are optimally absorbed.

Fight cellulite: home remedies help

There are numerous cellulite creams and gels to be found in the drugstore. However, these are often expensive and their effectiveness is doubtful. A cheap alternative and a great home remedy is coffee grounds. Simply spread cold or lukewarm coffee grounds on your thighs and wrap them with cling film, but not too tightly. Leave it on for half an hour and rinse with warm water. Repeat as many times as desired.

Fight cellulite: insider tip

This tip does not fight cellulite directly, but with it the orange peel becomes less visually. Use self-tanner, because slightly tanned skin looks plumper! The dents are thus less visible than on "limestone strips".