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7 ideas for passive income

The desire for financial independence: who doesn't cherish it? However, only a few entrepreneurs manage to actually build a passive income from which they can live permanently. But it is possible - with the following options.

Is there any passive income at all?

First of all: All the ideas presented for a permanent passive income are associated with work. And also with a bit of risk, because nobody can say with certainty that this work will actually pay off in the long term. If you want to keep this risk as low as possible, you can also start building a passive income on a part-time basis - almost all of the ideas presented are suitable for this.

The scalability of the business ideas is also important so that they result in a constant flow of money in the long term. Specifically, this means that the idea should be designed in such a way that the more you sell, the more money you earn without having to increase the effort. And now just let yourself be inspired by our 7 ideas and our bonus tip.

The good news first: In almost all of our examples, know-how and passion are the cornerstone.

# 1 Write an e-book

Although the market for e-books has grown vigorously in recent years, there is always a need for special niches. So if you have a journalistic streak, like to write and are also a competent contact person in popular specialist areas, you can try to build a stable passive income by creating e-books.

Information products or instructions based on the “how to” principle are particularly in demand: How to start a blog, set up an online shop or start trading. Overall, the possible range of topics is very broad and ranges from instructions for learning a programming language to knitting courses or dog training.

Selling your own e-book is now very easy, as numerous platforms offer services for this. The online giant Amazon is often the first port of call. But of course everyone can also try to market the book themselves, e.g. B. via your own wide-reaching blog. However, you have to do the extra work for the operation of the blog, which contradicts the idea of ​​passive income.

Once the e-book has been published and listed accordingly, you will regularly earn - if there is a demand - from the sales commissions for book sales. At Amazon, for example, you can receive up to 70 percent royalties from sales when you self-publish.

# 2 Create explanatory and learning videos

As with the e-book, the prerequisite is corresponding know-how in a (sought-after) specialty area, what you pass on or publish - only in the form of videos. In terms of content, a learning video can range from the simple repair of a defective bicycle tube to a multi-part series for learning a programming language. It is only important that the topic is topical in the long term so that the video - in the spirit of passive income - will still be in demand in a few years.

There are various ways of publication (and thus also the way in which revenue is generated). Probably the best known and easiest is the publication on YouTube. There you set up your own channel and upload your video. Assuming sufficient coverage, you can now benefit from the advertisements in your video via the Google Ads program.

If your videos are so good that you achieve an above-average reach, it may even be advisable to market them by a company specializing in them, as you can then also generate income through influencer marketing. However, this should also increase the workload. It is advisable to calculate the costs and benefits precisely.

The second way is to publish it on specialized learning platforms such as Udemy, Udacity or Lecturio. Here you benefit from a percentage share in the fees for the courses you sell.

# 3 Programming an app

Regardless of whether booking a taxi, weather information or contact management: Apps are increasingly determining our lives and smartphones are determining our everyday lives. That is why app programmers are now a very popular species. So why not seize the opportunity and generate passive income by programming an app?

Basic requirement no. 1 for this is a really good idea that stands out from the multitude of apps that are already available or occupies a lucrative niche. Basic requirement No. 2 is of course a clean programming, since in the fast-moving age of digitization nobody spends money on bad apps anymore. The support of a professional programmer can also be worthwhile.

If both are successful, you can have your app listed in one of the many app stores and receive a percentage share in the sales. The more often the app is downloaded, the higher the income. This, in turn, is one reason why the app should definitely have a real benefit for the user in the long term.

# 4 Create a niche site

In the previous examples we had already mentioned the topic of “niche” one or the other time: You are dealing with a topic that is not necessarily mainstream, but still big enough to find sufficient buyers through the defined target group.

In this niche you have to have enough know-how to be able to take on expert status. You convey this expert knowledge on specially created websites. These should also only be designed for the specific niche topic, which has to go through from the URL to the headings to the content. Because this is the only way to achieve the necessary organic search volume for your niche site via search engine marketing.

If the desired traffic is available, you can monetize your reach in various ways. The most common is often Google Ads: You place Google advertisements, which are usually delivered on a topic-relevant basis. Then you earn a percentage with every click on this advertisement.

Much more lucrative - especially for niche site operators - is marketing via corresponding topic-specific affiliate marketing. Most niche pages are designed around the corresponding links. Here you earn through corresponding sales through partner programs, which are usually much more attractive than pure click remuneration.

# 5 create review pages

In the age of e-commerce, more and more people are buying online. Where the salespeople used to give advice directly in the shop, many now read countless purchase reports before making a purchase and make their purchase decision dependent on them. This opens up a business area for people who, on the one hand, enjoy writing (and good) and, on the other hand, deal intensively with new products and services and can explain them well.

A special product should be presented on a review page, which will be tested extensively and compared with similar devices at the same time. In addition, the reader expects a clear buy recommendation at the end.

The main source of income for review pages with product tests and recommendations are partner programs that are incorporated into the article via corresponding affiliate links. If, after reading the product review, the visitor decides to buy via the link provided, the site operator will receive a percentage of the sales proceeds. Numerous affiliate providers such as affili.net or Zanox offer a large selection of partner programs on all conceivable topics.

# 6 Design t-shirts

If you have enough creative potential, you can try to generate passive income with individually designed T-shirts. The rule here is: the crazier and bolder, the better. You don't have to run your own online shop, because numerous platforms such as Spreadshirt or Zazzle take care of production and shipping for you. All you have to do is create the design yourself, upload it and decide on which shirts it should be printed. It is important that you only upload designs that you have created yourself and that do not violate copyright law.

The shirts are only produced when customers actually order them, so there are no costs for you without an order. In the case of an order, you earn a percentage of the sales.

# 7 Dropshipping with your own online shop

This is an advanced idea. With dropshipping, you run your own online shop, but you neither have to have the products in stock, nor do you have to worry about shipping or expensive returns. Because wholesalers who specialize in dropshipping take care of that for you. You basically only operate the “external appearance” of the online shop, i.e. the front end. The backend, on the other hand, is taken over by the specialist provider.

So if customers decide to buy a product from your shop, the entire sale of the order, payment processing and shipping is handled by the third party provider. In the end, you have a percentage of the sales proceeds.

With this format, the initial effort is very high, since a professional external appearance of the online shop must be created as well as the corresponding measures in order to achieve a high reach. If this succeeds, however, the passive income can be generous here, as the degree of automation and scalability are very high.

# 8 real estate

Rent apartments or buy an apartment building - depending on the property, different types of rental income can generate additional profits. Because of the purchase price, apartments are usually the first choice when it comes to rented living space. This is a popular option, especially in metropolitan areas. Classic single-family houses or apartment buildings may be too expensive to start with, but can bring enough passive income in the long run.

Our bonus tip: The one-hit wonder

Everyone probably knows the songs “One Night in Bangkok”, “Ring My Bell” or “Video Killed the Radio Star”. So if you have it musically, you should try to compose your own one-hit wonder.

Our examples and numerous other musicians have shown that sometimes one song is enough to provide you with financial support for the rest of your life. It's not easy, however, as the casting shows and numerous careers in the music business show.

A little tip: Christmas music is always good or Last Christmas I gave you my heart… Ok, caught: Wham! had a few good other songs too.

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