Is Instagram more narcissistic than Facebook

Narcissism on Instagram: Posing for the perfect picture

Social media have enriched our lives, they are entertaining and can be very communicative. But Instagram in particular has also conjured up another questionable phenomenon: posing. In front of sights and so-called Instagram hotspots, there is a regular posing parade that is no longer limited to bloggers and influencers. A bad development towards narcissism or only half as wild?

Aren't we all a little narcissus?

In Greek mythology, the beautiful Narcissus fell in love with his mirror image and has since been synonymous with self-love and self-centeredness. Character traits that are likely to be found in everyone to a certain extent, but which become particularly unattractive when they mutate into excess. Because healthy self-love and self-love, which in the case of narcissists usually go hand in hand with ignorance and a lack of empathy, are two different pairs of shoes.

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While nowadays we always have our "digital mirror" in the form of the smartphone with us, it is logical that this side should be more visible to the outside world. Whether social media has made us more narcissistic or just makes these already inherent properties more visible, I don't dare to judge, but I've made alarming discoveries, especially in my travels.


Point your hand to the tip, stretch your leg in the air, smile with your perfect make-up or look dreamily into the distance: the Eiffel Tower is one of the most popular motifs on Instagram. The hashtag #eiffeltower has six million posts and many of them don't show snapshots, but perfect presentations. In the meantime, real Instagram tourism has even developed.

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This means that there are people who only choose travel destinations based on whether they are “instaworthy” and the travel industry is already following the trend, for example with guided tours to a city's Instagram hotspots. Don't get me wrong: I also pose for photos within a certain framework, look for a nice motif and let my “Instagram Husband” take several photos, but the hustle and bustle at the Eiffel Tower and other sights is sometimes grotesque. While this is part of their work for influencers and definitely not to be underestimated, more and more normal Otto users are emulating this behavior.


The last time I watched the young girls (yes, as an Instagram model you have to start early this morning) and women at the Eiffel Tower, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Is that the complete dumbing down of our society or maybe only half as bad? A clear case for the former was an experience I had while visiting the World Trade Center in New York. I was standing at the window with my husband to enjoy the spectacular view when suddenly a middle-aged woman stood right next to me and began to pose wildly. Consideration for me - no evidence.

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In her cosmos I probably didn't notice me at all. My husband and I exchanged a few questioning glances, I retreated and we then watched the spectacle from a distance. Apparently a whole family was trapped in Insta-mania here, because after that it was the turn of the teenage daughter, who surpassed her mother in terms of ridiculous posing. Everything was recorded by the father. I felt a real disgust at these strangers and I had a strong urge for a digital detox. Is that what social media makes of us? Posing robots without an eye for their surroundings and manners, always on the hunt for the perfect picture?


As a person who shares a lot on social media, I think that it is possible to live in media balance with a certain media competence and mindfulness. You can be very active on Instagram and Facebook without losing the magic of the moment. As always, the dose is crucial: taking a quick photo or a story doesn't take long and doesn't detract from the experience for me personally. But you need a bit of empathy and tact when you should just leave your smartphone plugged in.

It always becomes questionable for me when companies are subordinated to the perfect picture on Instagram. In case of doubt, a bit more relaxation and a wisdom that existed long before hashtags and co .: just don't take yourself so seriously help when dealing with social media correctly.


Especially when working, social media are often a waste of time and a disruptive factor. The Pomodoro technique shows you how you can work more effectively in general. What annoys us about Instagram: Fake accounts and Instagram bots that comment completely senseless and annoy us with spam. What we love about Instagram: It's our go-to source for fashion inspiration. In the case of a currently hyped dress, we have already researched the cheap alternatives.

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