What if Apple bought Disney?

Apple buys Walt Disney - it wasn't meant to be

Steve Jobs is eight years dead on October 5th. Not only do many Apple shareholders miss the brilliant founder and CEO of one of the most important companies, but also Bob Iger, CEO of Walt Disney. The 68-year-old now surprises with a statement about the biggest stock market deal of all time, which never took place.

Bob Iger is certain: "If Steve Jobs were still alive, we would have merged our companies or at least seriously discussed this possibility."

The Disney CEO continues in his new autobiography: "It is impossible not to have in my head the conversation with him that I wish I could have in real life."

A merger of Apple and Disney would have meant the largest company in the world by far. Apple is currently worth $ 1,000 billion and Disney is worth $ 247 billion. Microsoft, currently the most valuable company on the stock exchange, has a market capitalization of 1.093 billion dollars.

Iger was associated with Apple for a long time. From 2011 onwards he was a member of the Supervisory Board. He has now announced that he is resigning.

Instead of pulling together as one company, Apple and Disney will soon be big competitors when it comes to streaming. Both have a good chance of making life difficult for top dog Netflix. Both Apple and Disney share prices have not yet fully priced in the potential of the new services. THE SHAREHOLDER remains bullish for both stocks.