How is an incidence of rape detected?

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Ramelow condemns forced plane landing

Thuringia's Prime Minister Ramelow has sharply condemned the landing of a passenger plane forced by the authorities in Belarus. Ramelow wrote on Twitter that constructing an emergency was ultimately just cosmetic to hijack an airplane. That is simply terrorism. The left-wing politician called for aircraft from Belarus to be deprived of overflight or landing rights in the EU. The Belarusian authorities had diverted the Ryanair passenger plane to Minsk and forced it to land. The Belarusian critic Protassevich was also on board. The internationally wanted blogger was arrested at Minsk airport. The EU foreign policy chief Borrell called for his immediate release. The arrest is another overt attempt to silence all opposition voices in Belarus.

Aung San Suu Kyi in person in court in Myanmar

In Myanmar, the disempowered Prime Minister Aung San Suu Kyi appeared in person for the first time in court. As their lawyers announced, they were able to speak to the 75-year-old for half an hour. She was healthy and sounded confident. The Nobel Peace Prize laureate has been in custody since the coup and has not appeared in public. She reached out to the people of Myanmar through her lawyers. Your party "National League for Democracy" will exist as long as the people existed. - Last week the military junta threatened to disband the party for alleged electoral fraud. The judiciary has charged Aung San Suu Kyi with various offenses, including incitement to riot.

Deutsche Bahn announces online reimbursement from June 1st

From June 1st, customers of Deutsche Bahn can also claim their money back online in the event of delays. As CEO Lutz announced, this is possible via the rail app. The procedure is done with just a few clicks in five minutes. Customers would no longer have to search for train numbers or submit tickets. Until now, travelers had to fill out the so-called passenger rights form after a delay, send it to the Group by post or hand it in at a travel center. The railway emphasized that the paper form would be passed on. - If you are delayed by one hour, Deutsche Bahn will refund a quarter of the original fare, and half if you are two hours late.

Israeli family among gondola crash victims

Israel has confirmed the deaths of five citizens after a cable car crash in northern Italy. As announced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, they are members of a family. Accordingly, it concerns a couple who lived and worked in Italy, and their two-year-old son. A five-year-old son was seriously injured and is in hospital. In addition, the woman's grandparents who were visiting Italy died in the crash. - Near Stresa, west of Lake Maggiore, the gondola of a cable car fell around 20 meters yesterday. 14 people were killed. A Carabinieri investigator said a steel cable had come loose. The exact cause of the accident is still being investigated.

Mass vaccination centers opened in Japan

In Japan, people can now get vaccinated in mass vaccination centers. In the facilities in Tokyo and Osaka, up to 10,000 people are to be immunized against the coronavirus every day. The aim is to accelerate the vaccination campaign before the start of the Olympic Games on July 23. The Japanese authorities speak of a fourth wave of infections.