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Plastics in clothing

Plastics are found in many garments today, often in blends with natural fibers such as wool or cotton, with different synthetic fibers being used depending on the properties that the garments are supposed to have.

T-shirts are mostly made of cotton, but especially in tight-fitting T-shirts, synthetic fibers made of elastane, e.g. Lycra, are processed so that they are easy to stretch and stay in better shape.

Sweaters are usually at least partly made of wool, often mixed with polyacrylic (nitrile) or polyamide (nylon), or polyester. There are also sweaters made entirely of these synthetic fibers (individually or mixed), and viscose can also be found in some knitted items.

Viscose, which belongs to the group of artificial silk, is also one of the most typical materials for summer dresses because it is soft, flowing and comfortable to wear.
Otherwise, clothes often contain polyester or - especially in the case of stretchy fabrics - polyamide and elastane as synthetic fibers.

The whole range of plastics can be found in jackets:
Microfibers are extremely thin fibers (the diameter is about 1/10 of a human hair) made of polyamide, polyester or polyacrylic.
Frequently used lining materials consist of rayon such as viscose or cellulose acetate or synthetic fibers such as polyester or nylon.
To make jackets more waterproof, you can coat them with polyacrylic, for example, for waterproof and breathable jackets, microporous membranes made of polyurethane or copolymers such as Sympatex are applied as films to a carrier material.

Stretchy items of clothing such as swimwear or cycling shorts are usually made of polyamide and elastane. Such garments made of pure synthetic fibers are stretchy, fit skin-tight and comfortable and dry, e.g. quickly after swimming.

And what about the good old jeans? It consists of cotton, i.e. natural fibers. If it is stretchy, it probably contains elastane, otherwise usually only the sewing thread that holds it together is made of a synthetic fiber, namely polyester.

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