How are eco-hotels founded?

The organic hotels

Purpose: Promotion of organic hotels and restaurants
Chair: Hans Reichl[1]
Date of establishment: 2001
Seat: Nassereith
ZVR912884898 (BMI)

The BIO Hotels (The Bio-Hotels, association for product development and marketing) is an association founded in 2001 to promote organic hotels and restaurants. The current headquarters are in Nassereith, Austria.

Organization and club goals

The association "Die BIO HOTELS e.V." was founded in 2001 on the initiative of Ludwig Gruber and a group of hoteliers in Austria. Today, numerous hotels in several European countries belong to the association, including mainly in Germany, Austria, but also partly in Italy (especially South Tyrol) and Switzerland. There are individual companies in Spain, Greece and Slovakia.[2] With its presence in various European countries, the association has been able to achieve supra-regional importance since its foundation in 2001, especially in German-speaking countries.

As an essential feature, the association demands 100% organic food from its members.[3] In addition, emphasis is placed on promoting sustainable economic activity as a whole, for example by disclosing CO2 balances and ecological footprints. Just like all the companies belonging to the association, the association itself is ehc-certified. According to the regulations of the association, the member companies undertake to use green electricity.[4]

Control of member companies and cooperations

In order to carry out the control of the member companies, the association works together with various state control bodies. This includes B. the Abcert in Germany.[5]

In addition, the association also maintains close relationships with other organic associations, including Bioland in Germany.[6][7] In addition, there is a cooperation with Greenpeace-Energy in the energy sector with regard to ecological energy supply in the hotel industry.[8]

Media reception of the association and awards from the individual companies

By working for the ecological hotel industry, the association not only achieved media presence in relevant tourism or organic magazines such as Schrot und Korn [9], but also in the national radio program[10] and various press publications.[11][12][13] The central idea of ​​the BIO HOTELS also met with an international response. The BIO HOTELS Japan Association was founded in Japan in 2013/2014.[14]

Various companies of the “Die BIO HOTELS” association have already received awards or have been nominated for awards. The Ulrichshof was nominated in 2015 as a candidate for the title in the category “The most beautiful hotel in the world”. [15] The Grail Court 2015 is in the final in the category "Agriculture" for the climate protection award.[16] The House on the vineyard Another member company was also recognized in March 2015 by the Bioland Association.[17]

Individual evidence

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