Will Trump's campaign strategy for re-election

The editor | December 4th, 2020 What do marketing experts say about election newsletters to attract donations?

Email for you: Why a president spills his people with emails

Now let's imagine that Angela Merkel, Olaf Scholz or Christian Lindner would send you an email every two to three hours urging you to please donate for the campaign fund. This is normal in the US. The parties have access to the electoral lists, thus also to the email addresses, and then everything is fired. No way, Trump can only Twitter! The top figure for Donald Trump and his team since the election: 14 emails within 24 hours.

And if you are not on the electoral roll and therefore cannot enjoy the emails, you can register for the Trump newsletter here www.donaldjtrump.com. You can find out more about Jo Biden here: www.joebiden.com.

It is not entirely surprising that the tone of the begging emails in both camps differs significantly. Joe Biden's team is currently kindly asking for support and donations for the pending runoff election in Georgia, which will decide who will get the majority in the Senate. Two seats are at stake there.

Our next mission is to continue to elect Democrats to help them [Biden and Harris] carry out their courageous, progressive, and generous agenda for America.

Newsletter from Team Biden

Big letters: Why voters should revolt

With Donald Trump hardly a mail can do without terms such as "left mob". Donald Trump has to do a balancing act anyway, on the one hand hard to defend his stolen election victory and on the other hand also refer to the Georgia election, which he rarely does. He has bigger goals.

And every means is right, because research by fellow American journalists has shown that when the money is used, it is not taken very seriously. Not everything flows into the processes that are currently being lost in a row, even though everything was just a fraud. The division between different "committees" is complicated and the access of individual possibly financially ailing persons to the money cannot be controlled.

We are fighting for the soul of this nation right now. If we miss out, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will implement their RADICAL agenda and DESTROY everything that makes America great.

Trump Election Team Newsletter

This also includes a lot of capital letters. They make - strung together - texts aggressive. This will also be known in the White House, in any case the capital letters match the not exactly friendly photos and the harsh requests to finally transfer money.

My team will send me the FIRST donor list soon and I will search for your name. Make sure I see him.

Trump Election Team Newsletter

Political parties in the USA sometimes save email addresses of supporters for a long time

Thanks to our listener J├╝rgen Niebor from Artern, we also have a few emails from Team Joe Biden. He now gets this regularly, after an eight-year break. In 2012 he emailed Barack Obama congratulations on his re-election, and the Democrats haven't forgotten that.

In other words, you haven't forgotten your email address. Now there is not only the water level of the efforts regularly, but also the somewhat more cautiously formulated donation requests.

According to our records, you have not yet made a direct donation to the DNC's Flip Georgia Fund. With only 35 days to go before the runoff elections, everything you can give will help you decide on the balance of power in the Senate. If you can.

Newsletter from Team Biden

"According to our records?": How do they know that again?

Newsletter emails are little miracles of espionage. They can't tell you how happy they were when they opened it, but whether or not they were opened at all and when is the first message that reaches the sender. Now the Americans are not so petty when it comes to data protection.

We in the EU must be asked theoretically before we can be analyzed in more detail. This is done in a purely practical manner with our consent (tick the box) and the small print tells you what happens when we open a newsletter. And a lot is possible there, e.g. we click on one of the links in the mail.

Who donated and how much? Who hasn't donated yet? Perhaps you clicked on the link 'I want to donate!', But did not donate afterwards. Such things can be understood

Sebastian PieperBundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft "Focus Group Emails"

So if Eric Trump writes again that his father asked for the list of donors who will donate in the next hour, then let's not hope that the good son is shuffling down the corridors of the White House in slippers with any printouts. The IT systems do this single-handedly and send prepared emails to those people whose automatic evaluation has shown that they have behaved unpatriotically and stingily.

14 begging e-mails per day: Who lets themselves be poured in like this?

Apparently the Americans. We cannot judge whether they are happy to do so. But the marketing expert Sebastian Pieper assumes that America has investigated which frequency opens the wallets to which audience. This is also easy to determine.

An electorate of over 70 million, of whom you have email addresses in large numbers, can also be divided into groups on a test basis. Some get 10 emails a day, others a week, others a month and then let's see who donates the most. The campaign strategy is ready.