How did Trump disregard the military

Opinion: Trump's appalling disregard for democracy

Election night went exactly as predicted by many experts and analysts - at least in one respect: As of this point in time, there is still no clear winner in the USA. Major states such as Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania are still counting and may take some time to report final results.

Hardly surprising that both candidates do everything they can to convey optimism to their supporters during this hanging game. Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden stepped in front of the cameras early Wednesday morning local time in his home state of Delaware.

Three styles to choose

"We knew it would take a long time," said Biden, adding that he had a good feeling that he could secure a majority of the 270 votes in the electoral college and thus the presidency. "It's only over when every vote has been counted and every ballot has been counted," he emphasized.

Carla Bleiker is a DW correspondent in Washington

Due to three different options - voting in person on election day, voting in advance and voting by postal vote - the counting can drag on well into the following days. This is legally sound and therefore a completely normal part of the democratic process.

On the other hand, the accusation by President Donald Trump that this is an attempt by the Democrats to "steal" the election is shocking. As so often before, he did not provide any evidence for this claim, which was spread via Twitter.

In his speech early Wednesday morning, Trump claimed to have clearly won in several states that at the time had not yet counted enough votes to be able to name a winner. Trump also explicitly pointed out his lead in Pennsylvania - without mentioning the central detail of which type of voting there still has to be counted.

Above all, absentee votes are still pending

Because the bulk of what has not yet been counted are the votes cast by postal vote. Experts assume that there are significantly more Democrats than Republicans among the postal voters. So Trump has an interest in ensuring that as many of these votes as possible are not counted. In return, this also means that the Democrats should not give up hope yet - Trump is at the top in many of the still open states due to the partial results available, but a large part of the votes still to be counted is likely to be for Biden.

In other words, even if it may look like a depressing déjà vu of the 2016 election, all is not lost. But Trump, who declares himself the winner, describes the counting procedure as "serious fraud" and announces that he will appeal to the Supreme Court about it, shows a brazen disregard for the rules of how a democratic election must be held and counted in the pandemic year 2020.

In vain hope for a clear victory Biden

Many liberal Americans had hoped for a clear Biden victory and did not expect such an outcome of the election. After all, her candidate ran against a president who wanted to ban Muslims from entering the US, who separated migrant children from their parents on the southern US border, who launched racist attacks against US Congressmen who were charged for trying to To exchange military aid for Ukraine for aid against its political rival, under whose leadership more than 250,000 people have died in the corona pandemic. And the list of scandals is getting longer and longer.

The fact that so many Americans voted again for Donald Trump despite the record of the past four years shows what is now accepted in the United States. And that's devastating - no matter who ends up in the White House.