How can I import data into Tally

New! Importing from Tally Accounting (Export)


  • In Tally Accounting 9, use the standalone export utility (Export utility for Tally.ERP9) to create the following client data files:
companyIDyyyymmdd.Budget.txt (optional)
companyIDyyyymmdd.Forex.txt (optional)

In which...

  • companyID represents the Company ID
  • yyyymmdd represents the Year Begin Date

grade: These client data files should be located in the same folder. This location is used as the Import Path.


  • If access protection is enabled, "Import" file permission is required to perform the operation.


  1. Open the client file that you want to import into.

  2. On the tab engagement select in the tab Data the option Import | Tax software.

  3. In the Import From field, select Tally Accounting (Export) and in the version field, select the default version 9.

    Note: Click here to view all supported financial accounting programs.

  4. Enter in the field Import path the exact path of the file to be imported or use Searchto manually locate the file.

  5. Under Import components choose:

    • Main financial statements overview (opening balance sheet) or
    • Account update.
  6. To import client information, choose Import tenant information. This information is displayed in the client master data dialog.

  7. In the Select Client File field, select the client file.

    By default, this field is populated with the first client data file from the specified import path but you can choose any other client file from the drop-down list. The Client name other Period from fields will display the corresponding information.

  8. In the Budget name field, enter the name of the budget to retrieve budget data.
  9. To import prior year data, select the Import prior year check box.
  10. click on OKto start importing.


Accounting data is imported into the client file.

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