Is kohlrabi good for you

5 reasons: why kohlrabi is healthy

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  1. Packed full of vitamins
  2. A real nutritional miracle
  3. Helps you lose weight
  4. Protects against diseases and sunburn
  5. Calms the stomach
  6. Knowledge to take away

Even in childhood, we were impressed by the mild taste of the healthy kohlrabi tuber. During the school break we nibbled the crunchy vegetable sticks raw and at home, creamy kohlrabi vegetables with bratwurst and mashed potatoes made our eyes light up.

But the winter vegetables are not only convincing in terms of taste: we reveal five good reasons why you should use kohlrabi more often.

Here you can find out what makes kohlrabi healthy, how it strengthens our immune system and how it can help us lose weight.

1. Packed full of vitamins

Who would have thought that the inconspicuous tuber is a true vitamin and nutritional miracle? Because kohlrabi scores with a considerable amount of vitamin C and thus strengthens our immune system. Just 100 grams of kohlrabi cover a good half of our daily vitamin C requirement (1).

Beta-carotene, also called vitamin A, can also be found in the healthy tuber. The kohlrabi leaves in particular contain a large amount of this plant substance, which can protect us from heart disease and lower high cholesterol levels. Therefore, you should definitely incorporate the leaves into your kohlrabi recipes. You can use the healthy kohlrabi leaves in a homemade pesto, as a salad or chopped as a soup (1).

What makes kohlrabi healthy for our appearance is the vitamin E it contains. It makes us shine by strengthening the skin and hair. From the group of B vitamins, the tuber contains vitamins B1, B2 and B6, which are particularly important for the nervous system, blood circulation and muscles. With 70 micrograms of folic acid per 100 grams of kohlrabi, pregnant women in particular are welcome to eat double the portion of healthy winter vegetables, as folic acid is essential for blood formation and cell division (1).

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We can cover half of our daily vitamin C requirement with just one bulb of kohlrabi. The concentration of vitamins and nutrients is highest in the green kohlrabi leaves.

Kohlrabi stuffed with minced meat - a steaming delight from the oven:

2. A real nutritional miracle

When it comes to nutrients, healthy kohlrabi has a lot to offer: with 320 milligrams of potassium per 100 grams, kohlrabi is counted among the foods rich in potassium and low in sodium by the German Nutrition Society and is particularly recommended for the prevention of high blood pressure and stroke. Potassium is involved in the formation of protein, ensures stable blood pressure, a balanced acid-base balance and regulates cell growth (4).

Kohlrabi also provides us with the vital mineral calcium. With three bulbs (300 grams) we can cover about a quarter of our daily calcium requirement. Calcium is an important factor in blood clotting and ensures stable bones and teeth. The consequences of chronic calcium deficiency can include softening of the bones or the breakdown of bone mass (5).

The nutrient magnesium, which is necessary for the energy and protein metabolism in the human organism, is another reason why you should integrate the healthy kohlrabi into your diet more often. Almost 45 milligrams of the mineral are found in 100 grams of the tuber. The proportion is even higher in the green leaves. However, for optimal magnesium absorption, it is best to consume kohlrabi raw, as the nutrient content is quickly reduced by cooking too long (1).

The nutrients it contains, potassium, calcium and magnesium, make kohlrabi particularly healthy by ensuring stable blood pressure and strong bones.

3. Helps you lose weight

It is undisputed that kohlrabi is healthy and anyone who goes on a diet can safely choose kohlrabi. Because kohlrabi is not only almost fat-free, but also a real lightweight with 30 kilocalories per 100 grams. During preparation, however, you should be careful not to drown the healthy vegetables in creamy cream sauces, as these can quickly increase the number of calories.

Even low carb fans do everything right with the tuber. With only four grams of carbohydrates per 100 grams of kohlrabi, kohlrabi is an excellent low-carbohydrate substitute for potatoes. If you twist kohlrabi with the spiral cutter, you can also easily make low carb vegetable noodles yourself.

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The fiber contained in healthy kohlrabi regulates the blood sugar level and ensures long-lasting satiety. Therefore, kohlrabi is also suitable for diabetes. In an animal study by the UGC New Delhi it was observed that a one-week diet with kohlrabi can reduce elevated blood sugar levels by up to 64 percent (7).

Kohlrabi is low in fat and calories. In addition, thanks to the few carbohydrates, the vegetables are ideal for a low carb diet.

4. Protects against diseases and sunburn

The secondary plant substance sulforaphane contained in kohlrabi is a mustard oil with an antioxidant effect. Antioxidants act as the body's protective shield against free radicals and oxidative stress, which attack our cells and can trigger or exacerbate various diseases such as cancer or metabolic disorders.

A study by the Heidelberg University Hospital and the German Cancer Research Center found that sulforaphane can inhibit pancreatic cancer growth and positively influence the effects of chemotherapy (8).

Before the next sunbath, you should perhaps nibble some kohlrabi, because these healthy vegetables also help against sunburn. The sulforaphane contained in kohlrabi stimulates the skin cells to form certain protein cells, which can reduce the risk of sunburn by an average of 38 percent (9).

Studies show that the sulforaphane contained in kohlrabi can protect against cancer and prevent sunburn.

5. Calms the stomach

Is Kohlrabi Healthy For People With Sensitive Stomachs? This is exactly when the vegetables are just right, because the healthy kohlrabi tuber contains a lot of fiber that stimulates bowel movements and thus supports our digestive system (10).

Dietary fiber is a fiber-rich ingredient that binds water and swells in the intestine, thereby increasing the volume of the stool and transporting the intestinal contents in the body more quickly. This naturally stimulates digestion and prevents constipation.

While other types of cabbage often produce bloating gases in the digestive process, kohlrabi is easy to digest and digestible even raw. Thus, the healthy kohlrabi is also ideal for the preparation of complementary foods and the first porridge meals for small children.

The dietary fiber contained in the kohlrabi ensures a regular digestion without being flatulent.

In our cookbook you will find many delicious recipes for the healthy kohlrabi tuber:

Knowledge to take away

There are many reasons why kohlrabi is healthy and should therefore not be missing from our menu. It contains numerous vitamins and nutrients that strengthen our immune system and prevent diseases such as stroke or heart disease.

Studies have also shown that the mustard oils contained in kohlrabi, thanks to their antioxidant properties, can prevent sunburn and inhibit cancer growth. The fiber contained in kohlrabi not only keeps you full for a long time, but also ensures a balanced blood sugar level.

Due to its mild taste and its digestibility, kohlrabi is not only particularly popular, but also helps to regulate digestion. The healthy kohlrabi is also ideal for low carb fans or for a diet. It contains hardly any fat or calories and only a few carbohydrates.