What does reunited mean?

When the Apple Watch is not connected or paired with the iPhone

If you see the red iPhone icon on your Apple Watch or if you can't find the i icon to pair, try again to connect your devices.

Check the connection of the Apple Watch

If you don't get any notifications, messages, or calls on your Apple Watch, it is probably not connected to your iPhone. If the connection between the devices is disconnected, the red iPhone symbol appears or the red X symbol displayed on the watch face. You can also check the connection in the control center. When your Apple Watch is reconnected to the iPhone, it will turn into the green iPhone symbol displayed.

Hold your Apple Watch and paired iPhone close together. If you find that the devices are still disconnected and you need further assistance, follow the steps below. After each step, check whether the devices can connect.

Reconnect Apple Watch and iPhone

  1. Make sure the Apple Watch and the iPhone in question are within range of each other.
  2. Make sure your iPhone is in Airplane mode off, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are turned on. To check this, open the control center.
  3. If on the watch face the airplane mode icon is displayed, airplane mode is activated. Open Control Center and turn off airplane mode.
  4. Restart the Apple Watch and your iPhone.

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