What is the binary value of 150?

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The number system known to everyone and most widely used worldwide is the decimal system, it uses the digits. So 10 digits. Ten in Latin means “decimus” (the tenth), so the term “decimal system” is used instead of “decimal system”. In number systems, the value of a digit depends not only on its own value, but also on its position (place) in a number. As a reminder: A number like consists of the digits, and. It comes first (ones place), its value is. It is in second place (tens place), its value is. It is in third place, its worth is. The result for the number is:. So each position conveys a power of ten:.

Other number systems use other digit systems, but then the digits are not to be multiplied by powers of ten, but by the powers that apply to this number system. For example, in the binary system (dual system) 2 digits are available, the power is accordingly. Example:

The best known number systems are:

  1. Decimal system
  2. Binary system (famous for its use in computers)
  3. Hexadecimal system (e.g. color values ​​in image editing programs, red is, green is and blue is)

Use of binary numbers in computers: Each storage of data takes place technically as that means, each data record (text, images, audio, video) is broken down into a usually long series of ones and zeros, ON (1) and OFF (0). Their composition and interpretation by a program decide what the flow of ultimately should be. For example, the letter is the binary sequence. There are 8 characters, they say 8 bits. In summary, 8 bits are called a byte. 1 byte is therefore 1 character (in the ASCII character set).

Notation: To make it clear which number system should be used, write a subscript to the number. Example:. The indicates that it is the binary system. Another example: . The subscript indicates that it is the decimal system.