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Cyberpunk 2077: How to find the 46 iconic weapons

"Cyberpunk 2077" is available for PlayStation 4, among others, and has some unique weapons in its luggage

After years of waiting, you can now explore Night City in “Cyberpunk 2077” on PlayStation 4. In some situations on your adventure you will not be able to avoid the use of weapons, of which you can find numerous in the spacious game world. Most argumentation amplifiers, however, are of little use, which is why you should waste as few resources as possible even on rare models. You should keep upgrades for the so-called iconic weapons.

These are unique weapons that are only available once in Night City. They are far superior to their usual counterparts in terms of damage, which is why they will be extremely useful to you during your playthrough. Below we will tell you where you are the first 36 of a total of 46 iconic weapons in the game world.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 1: Fenrir

This is a power submachine gun that Thermal damage dealt and increases the chance of burning the enemy. You can discover this weapon quite early in the game. Take the side mission for that "Losing My Religion" at the harbor to the west of Northside. You can find her on a table next to a captured monk.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 2: Kongou

Kongou is a power gun that Cross cuts (bullets bouncing off walls) can shoot without the cyberware otherwise required. You can find this weapon in Yorinobu's penthouse, which you have to infiltrate as part of the story (act 1). Have a look around his bed on the right side of the apartment, there you will find the gun on a table.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 3: Lizzie

At Lizzie, we're dealing with a tech pistol that fires additional bullets per shot. You can find her in the basement of Lizzie's Bar after completing the 13th story mission. Go to the same room in which you did your first braindance and you will find Judy's pistol on a table.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 4: cocktail stick

The next weapon to add to your inventory is a katana. The weapon looks like a toy because it is painted completely pink, but it will serve you well in close combat. It also gives you an increased chance of critical hits. You can only find the katana in act 2 in the mission "Automatic Love". Have a look around in the VIP area of ​​the Clouds, more precisely in a make-up room.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 5: Skippy

This is a so-called smart pistol that even speaks to you. The special thing about this weapon is that it automatically adapts to your level. You can find her in a back alley of The Glen in Heywood, southeast of Corpo Plaza.

As soon as Skippy picks up, the side mission "Machine Gun" begins. The mission is not over until you have returned the weapon to its owner, but it will no longer be available to you. So if you want to keep this smart pistol, you have to leave the mission open.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 6: Widow Maker

This is a tech precision rifle that fires poisoned bullets, increasing your chances of poisoning your opponents. You can find it on Nash who stole the gun from Panam. You will get the weapon after killing Nash.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 7: Cottonmouth

Here we are dealing with a one-handed club, which causes both shock and chemical damage. You also have a small chance of poisoning or shocking opponents. You can find them in the story mission "The Space In Between", more precisely in the bedroom of the Ripperdoc Finger.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 8: scalpel

Another katana that you can add to your collection goes by the dashing name Skalkpell. You will receive the katana as a reward for completing the “Big in Japan” side mission. To accept the quest, speak to Dennis in the afterlife. You can find him leaning against a wall across from the lounge.

The weapon increases the shock damage your opponents take. The katana is particularly powerful in connection with the ability "Sandevistan". If you have these, the probability of inflicting critical hits on your opponents increases by 50% and every hit causes your enemies to bleed.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 9: Overwatch

This is a power sniper rifle and one of the most powerful weapons of its kind that you can find in Cyberpunk 2077. It has a fast reload speed, has a high critical hit chance and a damage multiplier on headshots.

You can also get hold of this weapon as part of a Panam side mission. You will receive Overwatch as a reward for completing the quest "Riders on the Storm".

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 10: Tsumetogi

And the next melee weapon. This specimen is called Tsumetogi and is also a katana. If you use it in combat, it increases shock damage slightly and increases the likelihood of electrocuting your opponent. In addition, the damage for non-standard attacks is permanently increased.

You can find the katana during the side mission "Pisces". It's on the table in the room where the meeting between Maiko and the bosses of the Tiger Claws takes place.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 11: Crash

This is another power pistol that does high damage and has a high chance of landing critical hits. You will receive the weapon as a reward for completing the River Story Arc with the quest "I Fought The Law".

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 12: Tinker Bell

This is a one-handed club that deals massive shock damage and also has a pretty good chance of critical hits. If you use strong attacks, you also have a chance to knock down opponents with one blow.

You can find this weapon in the Peter Pan farmhouse, which you visit as part of the River Story Arc, more precisely in the quest "The Hunt". Look for a hidden switch in the bedroom.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 13: Malorian Arms 3516

During the campaign of "Cyberpunk 2077" you can also use Johnny Silverhand's pistol several times, which is almost ridiculously strong. You can find the weapon later in the game in the course of the side mission "Chippin bei In" at Grayson.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 14: Apparition

This is a power pistol that does great damage. Nice bonus: some special features of the weapons are linked to your health. That is, if your energy is critical, Apparition will reload faster, shoot faster, and do more damage. If you recharge your shots while you are low on critical energy, the damage will even double.

You can get this pistol as part of the "Warpigs" side mission. However, it looks like this weapon can only be obtained if you sign up for the Corporate / Corpo life path decided.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 15: Doom Doom

This is the name of a power pistol that fires four bullets with one shot and thus deals considerable damage. You can remove this weapon from Dum Dum in the mission "Second Conflict". If you have killed Dum Dum before as part of a previous mission, this weapon will no longer be available to you.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 16: Dying Night

And again a power pistol that increases the damage of headshots by 50% and has a very short loading time. You will receive Dying Night as a reward for successfully completing the side mission "The Gun". To begin this, speak to Wilson in his gun shop in the atrium of mega-building H10, which is also your apartment.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 17: Amnesty

This is a revolver that deals increased damage. You can find him in the story mission "We Gotta Live Together" when at Cassidy in the nomad camp. There you have to successfully master the shooting range challenge and then get it as a reward.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 18: Archangel

And another revolver that deals shock damage and increases the chance of shocking enemies. You will receive the weapon as a reward for completing the side mission "Off The Leash".

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 19: Problem Solver

This is a submachine gun that has an increased magazine and ammunition capacity and also has an increased rate of fire. You can find them in Panams story arc, more precisely in the side mission "Riders On The Storm". You must take the weapon from the leader of the Wraith.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 20: Stinger

After you have completed the previously mentioned quest "Rider On The Storm", Mitch will contact you to offer you another side mission: "I'll Fly Away". You will receive the weapon as a reward for successfully completing the quest. It deals increased chemical damage and can poison opponents as a result.

Iconic weapon No. 21: O’Five

This power sniper rifle is particularly powerful because it fires explosive ammunition. You can loot the weapon as part of the side mission "Beat On The Brat: Arroyo". For this you have to defeat Buck, the champion of Arroyo, in a fist fight after you have asked him about his rifle. Since he's at level 22, you should be more advanced in the game before you challenge him.

Iconic Cyberpunk Weapon # 22: Prototype Shingen: Mark V

This smart submachine gun, which can target three enemies at once, can be found during the story mission "Gimme Danger". You need to find an open container that has a mine placed in it. You can also find the weapon there.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 23: Genjiroh

This pistol has a large magazine capacity and fires four bullets directly per shot. With an upgrade, you can target up to six enemies at the same time. This weapon also deals shock damage. You can find Genjiroh during the story mission "Play It Safe" behind a locked door to the right of an elevator.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 24: Jinchu-Maru

This is a katana that you can also get hold of during the story mission "Play It Safe". Oda Takemura drops the coveted item. The special thing about this sword: The final attack of a combo distributes double the damage - even quadruple if your health is lower than that of your opponent.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 25: Sir John Phallustiff

Another exotic is the dildo weapon (!) Sir John Phallustiff. This is a one-handed club that you can get in the course of the side mission "Venus in Furs". Before doing this, you have to meet all the requirements for a romance with Meredith Stout. To do this, you have to meet her before the start of the story mission "The Handover" and receive the infected chip from her.

You are not allowed to remove the virus and have to buy the Flathead with it. Then kill all Maelstromer to complete the objectives. A few in-game days later, Meredith will contact you and you can flirt with her. Then “Venus in Furs” starts. You can find the gun on the bed next to Stout.

Iconic Cyberpunk Weapon # 26: Gold Plated Baseball Bat

You can find this nice looking one-handed club during the side mission "Second Conflict" in Denny's home. Look around for this near the pool. With successful hits with the bat, you have a high chance that opponents will bleed afterwards.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon No. 27: Prejudice

This powerful assault rifle can be found behind the afterlife during the story mission "For Whom The Bell Tolls".

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 28: Pride

This is a pistol that you find during the story mission "Knockin‘ On Heavens Door ", more precisely after your confrontation with Atom Smasher. This weapon has increased headshot damage and critical hit chance.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 29: satori

This chic katana has reduced base damage, but significantly increased critical damage - a good compromise. You can find it in the course of the story mission "The Coup". If T-Bug opens the balcony door for you, don't go straight outside. Instead, run up the stairs to the roof, where you have to kill two enemies. The sword lies behind them in an AV on the seat.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 30: Pedel's spade

The name of this weapon is a bit misleading because it is actually not a spade, but a sledgehammer that does a lot of damage. You can find him during the story mission "Knockin‘ On Heaven’s Door "in the conference room.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 31: Plan B

This is another power pistol that has something of its own: it increases the likelihood that opponents will bleed after hits, but every shot from the weapon costs you Eddies (Eurodollar). Accordingly, this is not a particularly useful pistol if you're looking to save your money.

You can find the weapon on the garbage dump east of Night City. All you have to do is remove it from Dex ‘corpse after completing the“ Playing For Time ”mission. There is no time limit or other requirements for this.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 32: La Chingona Dorada

This is also a power pistol that has a reduced charging time. You also have a greater chance of burning or stunning your opponents with it. To get this pistol at all, you have to send Jackie's corpse to his mother after the story mission "The Coup". She will contact you later to invite you to the funeral service. Go there to start the Heroes quest.

Quits after the ofrenda and leaves the bar. Now let some time pass by using the wait function and re-enter the building. Now you can find the pistol in the back left by the altar, where Jackie's other personal belongings are also.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 33: Divided We Stand

This is a smart assault rifle that can target up to five enemies at the same time. The fired bullets cause chemical damage and can poison your opponents with high probability. You will receive the weapon as a reward for successfully completing the side mission "Stadium Love".

The quest starts on the roof of a house in southeast Santo Domingo, where a gang is having a party. Talk to the group leader and challenge him to a shooting competition. You have to achieve at least 44 points and in the meantime keep drinking shots, which of course makes aiming difficult. Your real problem here is not the alcohol, but the rather tight time limit, so every shot has to be right!

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 34: Second Opinion

This pistol fires bullets, which then split in half. They also have an increased chance of triggering storm strikes when hit. You can find this weapon during the story mission "Automatic Love", more precisely in Maiko's office. However, it currently still appears a problem with this to give because with the door to this room Unfortunately you can at the moment do not interact.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 35: Chaos

This is a tech pistol that lives up to its name, because after each reload the weapon recalculates the critical strike chance, the type of damage and the status effect caused. This makes the fights a bit unpredictable and you need a certain amount of luck to deal a lot of damage.

You can get them in the course of the story mission "The Handover". You can take them from the Maelstorm leader Royce if you kill him either during the negotiation or afterwards in the boss fight.

Iconic cyberpunk weapon # 36: Mox

The last iconic weapon on our list is the Mox power shotgun, which has a low reload time and fairly low dispersion. You can find her after successfully completing the side mission "Pyramid Song" in Judy's apartment.For this you either have to follow the romance with Judy as a female V or as a male V to experience her story arc to the end.

Make sure that you always behave in a friendly manner towards you, inform them about new events and successfully complete the side missions "Both Sides, Now", "Ex-Factor", "Talkin ', Bout A Revolution" and "Picses". In the latter mission you have to reject Maiko's plan or at least her payment in order to unlock “Pyramid Song”. After successfully completing the quest, you will find the weapon in Judy's room.

You have to make ten iconic weapons yourself in Cyberpunk 2077

As mentioned briefly at the beginning, there are ten iconic weapons in "Cyberpunk 2077" that you can neither find in the game world nor receive as a reward for a mission. The highlight here: You need this mandatory 18 points in the area of ​​"technical ability" as well as the Advantage of "exceptional talent" in the skill "item production", because only then can you craft iconic weapons. These ten weapons are:

  • Ba Xing Chong (Shotgun; you can find the blueprint during the story mission "Nocturne Op55n1" in Atom Smashers Vault. You must also have completed the side mission "Chippin‘ In ".)
  • Breakthrough (Sniper rifle; get the blueprint from the leader of the gangster group south of Rancho Coronado.)
  • Buzzsaw (Submachine gun; get the blueprint from the leader of the gangster gang in Watson, Northside.)
  • Comrade’s hammer (Revolver; get the blueprint from the leader of the gang in Santa Domingo, Arroy.)
  • Moron Labe (Assault rifle; take the blueprint for the corpse of the group leader in the southwest corner of Pacifica.)
  • Ozob's nose (Grenade; you can find it during the side mission "Send In The Clowns".)
  • Psalm 11: 6 (Assault rifle; get the blueprint from the leader of the gang in Watson, Northside.)
  • Sovereign (Shotgun; get the blueprint from the leader of the gangster gang in Japantown.)
  • The Headsman (Shotgun; get the blueprint from the gangster group mech in northeast North Oak.)
  • Yinglong (Submachine gun; get the blueprint from the leader of the gangster group in Wellsprings)

That was our pretty detailed weapon guide to all the iconic weapons that you can find or make in "Cyberpunk 2077". With these you are well equipped to successfully defend yourself against all dangers in Night City and we wish you a lot of fun!

What is your favorite weapon in "Cyberpunk 2077"?

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