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"Overwatch 2": Two hours of gameplay and backgrounds in the video

The competitive mode in "Overwatch 2" will be changed to 5 against 5. The developer studio Blizzard announced this in a two-hour livestream for the upcoming team shooter. In the first Overwatch part you play 6 against 6 in PvP mode (player vs player). The change is intended to change dominant strategies from "Overwatch" and give tank figures a less important role, explains Blizzard.

In the live stream, which is available as a recording on Youtube, the developers have announced further details about "Overwatch 2", which was announced at Blizzcon 2019. With the livestream, Blizzard broke a relatively long silence around the online shooter.

Among other things, new playing cards were shown on Steam, which "Overwatch" fans can look forward to in the second part. These include Toronto, New York, Rio, and a racetrack in Monte Carlo. In addition, the user interface has been revised: It should now, for example, show more clearly which characters are currently being healed.

Feedback mixed up

The feedback from the community on the first detailed video material for "Overwatch 2" is mixed: Many people think that the innovations are rather small and see part 2 as an extensive update rather than a real successor. Blizzard has not yet announced a specific release date for "Overwatch 2", but the shooter will no longer be on the market this year.

The last time "Overwatch 2" hit the headlines because of the departure from Jeff Kaplan, who led the game's development. Kaplan was one of the most famous developers at Blizzard and was popular right now in the Overwatch community. Whether Kaplan wants to continue developing video games is open.


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