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This is how camping holidays are really fun

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Camping in the dunes - a special experience that is possible in Prerow on the Darß, among other places.

Whether in the dunes, in the forest or by the lake: Camping is not only a cheap, but also a natural way of spending your vacation. Sleeping in the great outdoors is a real experience, especially for children. During the current corona pandemic, vacationing in a tent is in some places even the last chance to get a vacation home. In the meantime, almost all campsites in the north have reopened not only for campers, but also for tent holidaymakers.

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Those who are on holiday in Northern Germany are spoiled for choice between hundreds of beautiful campsites - from nature camping in the forest to comfort pitches with a sauna and wellness facilities.

Important: the right equipment

The right equipment is the key to a successful camping holiday. It starts with choosing the tent. For a longer vacation, it should offer enough space for luggage in addition to sleeping places. To keep it dry inside even when it rains, the tent should also consist of a waterproof outer and inner tent.

Sleeping mats: self-inflating models are practical

To sleep, campers need a sleeping mat and sleeping bag. If you go camping more often, you shouldn't choose the cheapest model of the sleeping mat: more comfortable than the simple foam models are self-inflating sleeping mats, which can be rolled up again to save space after use.

Sleeping bags: Note the value for the comfort area

If the tent is too small, chaos quickly ensues there.

When it comes to sleeping bags, a light model is usually sufficient in summer. In autumn or spring, when it gets really cold at night, you should definitely bring a warmer sleeping bag with you. Signs on the sleeping bags explain the temperatures for which the respective product is suitable. The decisive factor is the value for the comfort area. Since women usually freeze faster than men, they should make sure that the sleeping bag is sufficiently warm.

Compact and light - luggage for cyclists

Anyone who travels by bike or on foot should make sure that the tent, sleeping bag and sleeping mat are neither too heavy nor too bulky. Unfortunately, that usually means digging a little deeper into your wallet. Because compact and light products that are also comfortable cost significantly more.

What else should I do with?

A lot of equipment comes together when camping. On the other hand, children in particular have a lot of fun on holiday in the tent.

A gas or alcohol stove as well as camping cookware and cutlery are also included in your luggage. In addition, can and bottle openers, a sharp knife and washing-up liquid, a small sponge and a kitchen towel for washing up. A clothesline is also recommended so that bathing suits and towels can dry. If you don't like sitting on the floor to eat, you should also invest in a camping table and chairs. Especially if you want to set up your tent by a lake, you should think of mosquito protection in addition to sun protection.

On the other hand, you can largely do without chic clothing when camping - on the campsite it should be practical above all. Space in the car can also be saved when it comes to toys for the children: Many tent sites are specially designed for families with children and offer playgrounds, petting zoos or even holiday programs for children - there is no boredom. Incidentally, some youth hostels in the north also have their own tent sites. The advantage: You sleep in a tent, but get breakfast and dinner in the youth hostel.

More comfort in rental caravans and glamping

Free-standing bathtub, dining table, double bed: glamping tents are usually comfortably furnished.

For those for whom a tent is too tight, but who do not want to buy their own caravan right away, many places offer rental caravans or comfortable huts for overnight stays. However, these are usually much more expensive than camping in your own tent. For some time now, several campsites in the north have also been offering glamping accommodation, another alternative to simple tents. This means luxuriously furnished tents with comfortable beds and plenty of space.

To get started, try a weekend first

However, holidays in tents are not the ideal vacation for everyone. Anyone who has never been out and about with a sleeping bag and sleeping mat should therefore not reserve their annual vacation for this right away, but rather try it out on a weekend trip.

Wild camping in Schleswig-Holstein

Incidentally, wild camping is prohibited in Germany - unlike in many Scandinavian countries. Many a farmer tolerates campers for one or two nights on his private property, provided that they ask in advance. Holidaymakers who travel by foot or bike without a car are also allowed to use specially designated overnight accommodation in the great outdoors in Schleswig-Holstein - but only for one night. A website of the Nature Conservation Foundation lists the wild places to stay overnight.

The north goes camping

On Norderney, in Wangerland or in the Lüneburg Heath - camping is the big holiday trend. For nature-loving guests as well as for fully equipped motorhome travelers. 59 min

Camping: Holidays in the open air

Whether in the Harz Mountains, on the coast or on the islands: In the north there are hundreds of campsites from simple to comfortable. Those who are well informed in advance avoid disappointment. more

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