Is the standard model broken

I need office equipment ...

... a special office chair

The question of which chair is the right one cannot be answered across the board. The current standard model Dauphin Shape economy is a very good chair with a wide range of adjustment options. We are also happy to help with the individual adjustment of this chair. Perhaps this chair already exists in your department so that you can easily try it out. Or you can ask the room management department (Referat 08, Mr. Aepler) whether there is a sample copy in stock.
General information on the selection of office chairs can be found in this VBG brochure. An office chair should definitely be tried out before ordering.

But if you need a special chair for medical reasons, that's not just a question "Which chair?" but also "Who pays it?". The costs for the "orthopedic office chairs" are only borne by the pension insurance if there are special reasons (after at least 15 years of contributions). In the event of previous damage due to an accident at work, the Bremen accident insurance fund is the cost bearer, otherwise the employment agency or, in the case of severe disabilities, the integration office.

The application to the pension insurance consists of basic application G0100 and benefit application G0133. Information on this can be found under G0103, G0132

Have your orthopedic surgeon fill out the findings report for the application (unfortunately there is still no standardized form for the individual areas of the DRV, see here)

The linked application forms are pre-filled, please check the "crosses" anyway. They can be filled out on the screen - or by hand after printing. Then send it to the pension insurance company by post along with a cost estimate for the chair. The chair may only be ordered after the costs have been agreed, so that you do not have to sit at the expense.

Tip: When you buy a new chair, take enough time to try out all the adjustment options with the help of the instructions.

By the way: if your chair is broken, it must be repaired or replaced. Of course, you don't need a company doctor for this.