How does Sita look like in Ramayana


Soon Rama came with a powerful army of monkeys and bears, killed Ravana and captured Lanka after a fierce battle.

Rama said to Hanuman: "Go to Sita and bring her the good news of Lanka's fall and the death of Ravana. Hanuman obeyed his master's command. Sita was deeply delighted. She replied:" Tell my master, Oh Hanuman, that I am long to see him at once. ‚ÄĚHanuman returned to Rama and brought him what Sita wanted to say to him.

Then Rama asked Vibhishana to bring Sita to him. Vibhishana went to the Ashoka Garden and brought Sita before Rama. Sita, Rama, Lakshmana, Vibhishana and Hanuman performed a puja to Shiva out of gratitude. Then Sita threw herself to the ground in front of her master.

Rama said: "Beloved Sita! It was My duty to find you and punish the vile Ravana. That is why I killed Ravana and brought you back. However, you lived in a stranger's house. How can a man from a high family like me Take you back? How can I accept you as my wife? I have to reject you. Go wherever you want. You are now completely free. "

Sita said, "If I had wasted a single thought on any man other than you for a moment, your instruction would be justified. I spent my lonely days in the Ashoka Garden just thinking of you. I led a strict, celibate life. You did not do any research before passing this judgment on me.
I am not an ordinary woman. I am the daughter of the mighty and pure King Janaka. I am a mistress in the great Raghu's family. I am the wife of that shining star of the solar race, Rama.

Did you forget all of this while uttering this cruel sentence? I am not even afraid of death. You made the accusation of unchastity on me and you did so in the presence of significant people. I cannot die with this shame. Oh Lakshmana! Prepare my pyre immediately, please.

If I am truly unchaste, if I have ever thought of anyone but my Lord, my body will burn to ashes. But when I'm clean, when my mind is always on my Lord, the fire won't even touch me. I will undertake this ordeal by fire and then happily obey the royal command. "

Upon hearing these words, Lakshmana looked at his brother with a troubled heart. Rama immediately ordered him to do as Sita had requested. When the pyre was set up, Sita fearlessly went into the fire.

The god of fire held Sita in his arms and stepped out of the fire: "Oh Rama! This is your Sita! She is completely pure and innocent. Therefore take her as your wife. She is attached to you. She never thought not once in their dreams, for a single moment to any other person. Your suspicions are unfounded. Nobody in this world has dared to submit to such a severe test until now. " While he was saying this, Agni, the god of fire, disappeared.

Rama said, "Oh noble Sita! This was a mighty test. You passed it successfully. You showed the world what supernatural deeds a devoted and chaste woman can perform. The gods have chosen you as an example of a perfect wife."

With these words, Rama took Sita's hand with fierce affection and joy. Sita covered her head with the dust from her master's feet.