Who is a good woman

Men reveal what makes a "good" girlfriend or wife

What do men love about women? You definitely cannot generalize that and every man will probably assess it differently. Still, it's always exciting to hear men's answers about the other half of humanity. That's why people on Reddit asked "What do you consider a“ good ”girlfriend?" - translated "What do you see as a" good "friend?".

And the reactions to it actually amazed us. Because we would have answered exactly the same! Maybe there are a few points that unite us in love matters. Especially point 5 ...

What men want from a woman: How do you define a "good" girlfriend?

"One who actually respects you, listens to you, takes the time to learn about the things you are interested in, and who always supports you."

"One who respects me and my freedom as much as I respect hers. No more, no less ..."

"One that lets me be myself without judgment and forgives me for my stupid mistakes."

"One who supports me and loves me, but also loves me so much that she tells me when I act like a fool."

"One who asks me first before she just takes fries off my plate."

"One who cares about the relationship, communicates well so that we are both on an equal footing, who can at least endure the things I like, even if she is not interested in them, who does loving little things like holding my hand or hug me, who treats me and other people with love and respect, has goals in their life to get ahead and doesn't expect me to do everything for them. Of course, I would do all of that for them too. "

"A person to whom you can show your vulnerable side without being judged and without regretting it."

"One who will fight for the relationship with you instead of fighting you when things go wrong in life."

"One who is kind and generous: to myself, to herself, to others."

"One who is both your lover and your best friend. With whom you share a deep understanding for one another and who always has your back."

"One who likes you as much as you like them. Not an unbalanced relationship where one person is obsessed with the other or the other person is slowly withdrawing."

"One who shares your sense of humor."

"One who supports your ambitions, but still honestly gives you her opinion."

"The answer is actually a new question: does she make you happy? If so, then she's a good friend."