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In many schools the children are ready with handicraft scissors and paper ready to make parents happy with a self-made gift, because Mother's Day and Father's Day are just around the corner. Up to a certain age, mom and dad are still heroes for the little ones and a little more attention from the children is also good. However, how attentive are children when it comes to their parents' job? Or rather, how do the offspring imagine their parents' working day? To find out, Viking conducted a small survey of 226 mothers and fathers. We have summarized a few highlights for you here:

  • 62% of the respondents are sure that their children know what they do for a living
  • Over 90% of parents stated that they had spoken to their children about their job
  • “Mom always has to go to psychiatry at night” was one of the answers, that mom is a nurse, but in this context it is important additional information
  • According to a father who works in IT, his kids think he's baking cookies

Sometimes it is difficult to separate wishful thinking and reality from one another, and the age of the children plays a big role in this. On average, over 44% of the children in our survey were between two and four years old. At this age you can already think that dad bakes cookies at work. This is also confirmed by Gitty Feddema and Aletta Wagenaar in their book How about starting to raise the kids.

“In the pre-school phase, fantasy and reality often become blurred. This is because the thought process in children does not automatically classify fairy tales as such - people only learn this ability later. "

In the following graphic we have shown some funny professions, of course from the children's point of view: ————————————— When the little ones start school at some point, then of course the right desk equipment with accessories and shelves should not be missing. Take a look at us on Facebook or Twitter - we look forward to more funny explanations!