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0800 and 00800: The free area codes

Call for free: the prefixes 0800 (national) and 00800 (international)
Image: Telephone customers who call an 0800 number from Germany do not have to fear that they will incur costs. The same applies to calls from a mobile phone using an 0800 number. If a connection is established, the pure connection service is always free of charge. However, many 0800 numbers are blocked for access from the cellular networks and also from the public telephone booths. This is because the owner of an 0800 number has to bear the incurred telephone charges. And these are of course many times higher if the caller calls from the cellular network or from a telephone booth than if the call came from the landline network.

00800: Freephone international

Freephone International: Call abroad free of charge with the area code 00800
@ As a rule, German 0800 numbers cannot be reached from abroad. Companies that want to offer an internationally valid, free number can do so with the number range 00800. However, this number is not very common, which is probably due to the fear of consumers about the double zero: The digit sequence 00 is usually part of the international country codes and therefore suggests a supposedly expensive international call.

But what applies to 0800 is also binding for 00800: All calls are free for the caller. For a long time, individual mobile phone providers have refused to offer the connections free of charge, but this step has now been taken and the calls are free of charge, provided the connection can be established. However, this does not apply if someone is abroad with a German cell phone. Here, the providers sometimes charge fees - just as they do for local toll-free numbers.

0800 for private customers

Call for free: the prefixes 0800 (national) and 00800 (international)
Image: 0800 numbers cannot only be switched by companies. Private individuals could also use these numbers, for example to give their children the opportunity to call home free of charge anytime and anywhere. In times of flat rates, however, the point is manageable, especially since setting up an 0800 number is often not very cheap. It must be applied for at the Federal Network Agency, after which a provider must be commissioned to switch, which entails additional one-off or even monthly costs. The Federal Network Agency cannot find out whether a number has already been reserved or not. She doesn't publish a list.

0130: predecessor of the 0800 alley

The area code 0130 used to stand for free calls. But this preselection alley no longer exists since the beginning of 2001. Instead of this, the 0800 area code was introduced. The reason for this change was the internationalization, because in many European countries the 0800 is used for precisely those free telephone connections. But there are still exceptions.

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