When can you leave poisonous people behind

Slow loris - cute semi-monkeys

Super Pig2 05.03.2021

I actually wanted to know if slow loris are vertebrates and I don't know why this article is being displayed to me!

Rainforest adventure replied on March 8th, 2021

Yes, slow loris are vertebrates - like all living things that have a spine. This article was shown to you because you obviously entered the keyword slow loris in the search engine. Then our article will appear.

Lili 18.08.2020

Find the informaion very helpful

liana 18.06.2020

i think it's mega cool we used it for work at school.

vladimir 22.01.2020

I understood this text can also in Russian

Adventure rainforest replied on January 23rd, 2020

Unfortunately, we do not have the option of having our texts translated into Russian. Maybe someone in your class or family can help you.

Carnation Kabuvski 02.01.2020

Hello my friends! Plumskloris are such great animals, you have to love them just because of their name! But can you die as a person from Plumsklori poison? Or do serious damage to yourself? And can you buy that (don't worry, I scare off my enemies differently)? I would really be interested!

Rainforest adventure replied on January 4th, 2020

No, people do not die from the slow loris poison. Even cats are only anesthetized.

TristanIt 12.12.2019

I'm a fan, there is no other way to say it :-)

TristanIt 21.11.2019

How cute are they actually ?!

Plumpi 07.11.2019

Slow lorises are so cute and it's stupid that they are poisonous and that they are threatened with extinction on the red list

Cico 05.10.2019

Sweet! But holla

Hello 21.03.2019


minnimaus 05.02.2019

The article helped me a lot; especially it's very general! You are so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!! (;

Emmo 06.12.2018

I think it's great that you learn a lot, e.g. I learned a lot about sweet but poisonous.

Hannah-Sophie 19.03.2017

Really well explained and described ...
These animals are so cute, but unfortunately threatened with extinction. Still really rich in information. :)

Crazycat 12.02.2017

Touching the heart

Sydney 04.05.2016

great animal, there is also a finished refferst here

Bambi 04.04.2016

This animal is sooooooooooooooo cute.

T. from Schwerinienburg 06.12.2015

Nice article! The exact list of endangered animals would have been even better. LG Tom

justinbieberfan04 24.11.2015

I love this item !!!!!
Everything I need for biology :)

Thank you dear Adventure Rainforest Team

I love animals 01.11.2015

I think it's a shame that they are threatened with extinction

Laila 25.10.2015

I think these profiles and information are super great.
Maybe you could write down animals from the rainforest, so even more profile. That would be even better for us and for this website.

nana-i. 07.07.2015

It is only the fault of those who want one of them at home that these wonderfully pretty, sweet, cute little animals are tortured in the most abhorrent manner and torn from their natural habitat!

Please do not want to have a pet, but enjoy the pictures.

bob 02.06.2015

Is slow loris poison deadly to humans?

Adventure rainforest replied on 06/02/2015

No, it's not strong enough for that.

~ Marlene_Morgenstern 18.05.2015

Very good website, only I have one question. Do they get a total of only one young or one young each?

Adventure rainforest replied on May 19, 2015

Hello Marlene,
Slow Loris get one cub per litter :-)

wodimaus 17.03.2015

Slow loris have been my favorite animals for decades, so I appeal to all animal lovers to stay away from buying, otherwise in a few years we will only be able to see pictures because they no longer occur in nature.

S. parrot 05.02.2015

Dear Plumplori Gang, I found your contribution very intellectual! Thanks for that!

Nana 04.02.2015

How cute!!!!!!!!!!!

The slow loric gang 03.02.2015

We liked the article very much and it also helped us for our refarat.

The plumplorigang 03.02.2015

We really liked the article and it was also helpful for our presentation at school.
Donations help, pity doesn't!

Flame 15.01.2015

Such beautiful and interesting animals, a shame that they are critically endangered.

paul 04.12.2014

that is a too cool animal

tom 04.12.2014

these animals are just so cute, the only thing that is stupid is that they are poisonous but my cute little ones never bite that is just so cool that there is such a site where you can find such cool animals.

Valerie 31.10.2014

Oh how sweet! Actually, I'm only interested in the sea and the animals that live in it, but you opened my eyes wider! Thanks for that!

liddle 14.10.2014

That's a great animal * - * very interesting, stupid that you are on the red list, it helped me a lot for the lecture

jello01 06.10.2014

i found the article helpful and it is very well structured. Keep it up and thank you for this information.

Feo 22.07.2014

A uuuuuuuuu incredibly cute animal,
how great they can defend themselves with poison .....
And the name is really great too!
Uhh and soo easy ^^
And they eat so healthy too ... :)

sigo 18.06.2014

really great
actually nothing to complain about

Ines 06.06.2014

They are very cute!

amika 21.05.2014

really cute the plum ploris

kaa 13.04.2014

ohhhhhhhhh wieeeee SÜÜÜÜÜÜÜßßßßßßßßßßßßßß !!!!!!!!!!
It's a shame that they are threatened with extinction. : (((
Who can harm such a cute animal !!!!!

sophie ♥ 30.03.2014

cute! ♥! ♥! ♥

1234 06.03.2014

this site is great

:') 22.02.2014

I got to know this website at school. Me and my girlfriend decided on the jaguar (everyone should take an animal as a topic for a presentation).
On the jaguar there is a button where you can hear the sounds of the jaguar. Not here. Although it's much more interesting. ;?

Rainforest adventure answered on 02/24/2014

We are working on that. Soon there will be more animal noises :-)

Chris 15.01.2014

I would never have thought that there are poisonous monkeys. Thanks!

Linda 29.12.2013

Very helpful, thank you very much!

Sydney 20.12.2013

The article is really interesting and helpful. I think it's really bad that the animals are being tortured! I have already ordered a few books and there were pictures shown that the animals' fangs are removed with nail clippers WITHOUT anesthesia !! How can you do that to them! :( really sad

gigi 09.12.2013

the article really helped me with my review, the whole pages are really well done. Also very nice pictures.VOLL COOL ♥♥♥

sweetplumpaman 15.10.2013

Oh, these animals are sooooooooooooooo cute !!!!!!!!!! You fall over in front of soooooooooo much sweetness !!

asile 16.09.2013

My name comes from Southeast Asia. What a coincidence the animal comes from. Anja at least great site.

PLUMPLORIS 29.08.2013

That helped us a lot during our talk about the plumploris
MANY THANKS from the three slow loris