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Samsung Galaxy S10 camera test (photo quality)

I took a close look at the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10. Here comes my photo quality test!

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What attracted me to the Samsung Galaxy S10?

Anyone who knows my pictures knows that I like to take pictures with the ultra-wide-angle lens. I was actually happy with my Samsung S7, but when I read that the Samsung Galaxy S10 was one Ultra-wide angle lens with 123 degrees image diagonal brings me, it grabbed me.

I once tried to find out how much focal length the S10 camera had compared to that with a reflex camera with a “correct” wide angle. It's about 9mm on the crop and about 13mm on the full frame. That's nice very wide-angled.

I chose the S10 instead of the S10 + because of the price difference was pretty big. The plus of 6.4 inches is also something to me too large, so that there is still enough space in your pocket. The Samsung Galaxy S10 has a screen diagonal of 6.1 inches.

Samsung Galaxy S10 camera test - photo quality

Key data of the cameras

The S10 comes with four cameras therefore, one front and three main cameras on the back. The cameras on the back include one Wide angle, a Ultra wide angle and a Telephoto lens. These four cameras in total have the following Resolutions:

  • Front camera: 10 megapixels
  • Main camera wide angle: 12 megapixels (26 mm 35mm equivalent)
  • Main camera ultra wide angle: 16 megapixels (13 mm 35mm equivalent)
  • Main camera telephoto: 12 megapixels (52 mm 35mm equivalent)

Of course, the manufacturer Samsung is not the first company on the market to install several main cameras in its smartphones, as Huawei has already shown, among others. I find this development exciting, because with it comes the smartphone more and more used as a compact camera. The argument that you only have one angle of view with a smartphone is now a thing of the past.

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For me, smartphones have largely replaced compact cameras. This can also be seen in the sales figures. I only find the high-end compact cameras to be useful.

The Designation telephoto lens is something with the S10 exaggerated. In reality it is about 52 mm focal length if you calculate it on full frame. So a more of a normal lens. I didn't take the front camera into account in my test.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 camera test

Image details

Now for the actual test. I took extensive photos with my smartphone. This is what the different sections of the image look like when you photograph the same motif.

S10: wide angle

S10: ultra wide angle

S10: telephoto lens

Photo quality of the wide angle lens

The wide-angle lens has good image quality in all areas. The center is very good for a smartphone, the corners a little blurred, but overall absolutely within reasonable limits.

S10: wide angle - center

S10: wide angle corner

Photo quality of the ultra wide angle lens

The center of the ultra-wide-angle lens is good, the image quality drops significantly towards the corners. Here I would like Samsung not to choose the angle that large, but also to deliver good image quality right up to the edge.

S10: ultra wide angle - center

S10: Ultra wide angle corner

Photo quality of the telephoto lens

The telephoto lens is good in all areas. Both the middle and the corners have good sharpness.

S10: telephoto lens - center

S10: Telephoto lens - corner

Strong noise reduction in low light and high ISOs

From my pictures I can also say that the camera is of course not made for high ISOs because of the sensor size. The darker it is, the more the ISO needs to be increased. The S10 software compensates for this by performing noise reduction. This is very powerfully dosed by Samsung. So if the ISO goes over 400, then a lot of details are ironed out here, so that parts of the image look muddy in the end. However, this only applies to dark situations. Pictures taken during the day and in normal light are not affected.

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Difference between RAW and JPG - resharpening

I already knew an ugly effect from the S7: The JPG files are sharpened relatively heavily. This creates a kind Mosaic lookif you look at the pictures in full resolution. This sharpening has been improved a bit on the Galaxy S10, but is still clearly visible.

In Pro mode, the camera can also record RAW files, which solves the problem. You can clearly see the difference in the following comparison. The JPG can be seen on the left, the RAW on the right.

S10: Comparison of resharpening JPG and RAW

Limitations in Pro mode

RAW images can only be taken in Pro mode of the camera app. There is currently one restriction: Only the normal wide-angle camera can be used in Pro mode. The telephoto and ultra wide angle cameras cannot be selected here. I hope that these two cameras can also be used there in the future with a software update.

Download the images in full resolution

If you want to form your own opinion about the camera of the Samsung Galaxy S10, then you can download the pictures in full resolution here:

samsung-galaxy-s10-bilder-voll.zip (zip file, 23.1 MB)

More sample images

Below are a few pictures that I took with the Samsung Galaxy S10 during my photo tours.

Samsung Galaxy S10 sample image 1

Samsung Galaxy S10 sample image 2

Samsung Galaxy S10 sample image 3

Samsung Galaxy S10 sample image 4

Conclusion on my Samsung Galaxy S10 camera test

The cameras on the S10 are all good. The wide-angle lens is fine in all areas, as is the telephoto lens. The ultra wide angle lens could be sharper in the corners. However, since the image section is so large and it is 16 megapixels, you can reduce the section a bit in post-processing. Currently, the S10 is definitely one of the best cell phone cameras!

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What do you think of the photo quality of the S10? Write to me in the comments!

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