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The scale

Pictures, drawings or maps often show reality reduced or enlarged. The scale describes how much it has been reduced or enlarged. Maps or floor plans are miniatures of certain aspects of reality. Technical drawings or drawings of insects are often enlargements of reality. A yardstick is given by the ratio of two numbers. - 1:10 means that are on the map in reality. - 1: 100 means that are on the map in reality. So corresponds on the map in reality. - 1: means that are on the map in reality. are . So corresponds on the map in reality. At a glance:
Calculating a distance in real life On a walking map on a scale of 1: is the distance between two points. What is the real distance?
on the hiking map correspond in reality.
Calculating a distance on the hiking map Emma has a hiking map on a scale of 1: How long is a path on the hiking map that is actually long?
The path is long on the hiking map.
Calculating a Real Length Lena has a 10: 1 scale picture of an ant that is long. How long is the ant in reality?
The ant is long.
Calculating the scale on a map corresponds in reality. What scale is the map drawn with?
The scale of the map is 1:.
Calculating the real dimensions The floor plan of an apartment on a scale of 1:50 is given. How long and wide is the living room in reality?
The living room is long and wide.

The scale bar

On many maps and illustrations you can find not only the scale of the map, but also a scale bar. The scale with the real lengths is shown on the scale bar. The scale bar helps you measure or estimate distances on the map.
Convert scale bar to scale Which scale does this scale bar belong to?
Get to know the scale bar
The scale is 1: 100.
Calculating the real size This is the map of the school grounds of the school "Am Regenbogenteich". Nick wants to know the dimensions of the sports hall. He measures in a drawing with a ruler: a = b = Enter the real length and width of the sports hall. School plan with scale bar:
The dimensions of the sports hall are: a = b =