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Oxfords showing their teeth, rubber shoes in bright yellow colors, loafers with studs and breakneck heels - welcome to the ultimate insults to good taste from the world of shoes. And it all started so harmlessly, after all, shoes should once only offer our feet protection. But today they are much more an expression of identity, social status and group membership. Extravagant designs, new shapes and unusual cuts are the result of the fashionable diversity, whose desire for individuality is sometimes grotesque. We have the most beautiful Shoe derailments accepted and present the ten ugliest shoes in the world.
10th place - Birkenstock sandals

In 1966, the German-American Margot Fraser returned to her American homeland from a visit to Germany and suddenly changed the fate of billions and billions of men. In her luggage was a pair of sandals from the traditional company Birkenstock. Until now, mainly limited to German circles, Fraser soon organized the American distribution of the German high-quality sandals, which overnight became a hallmark of college students and hippies all over the world. Even today, the traditional unisex sandal with white terrycloth socks is a popular, albeit hideous, classic during the warm summer months. The (night) dream made of cork is available for around 50 euros.
9th place- Plastic shoes from Crocs

Speaking of nightmares. The brightly colored rubber shoes of the American corporation also prepare such Crocs Inc., which have disfigured the feet of men, women and children alike since 2002. Made from a plastic material called PCCR, Crocs are lightweight, waterproof and resistant to bacteria. But all ’these apparent advantages cannot hide how much it hurts to look at them, if we encounter them outside of the sand castle on the beach or a consulting room. We are talking about actual physical pain here.
8th place - Rick Owens sneakers

The models by Rick Owens also make an unforgettable impression. For his spring / summer 2014 collection, Owens created the aforementioned SS14 sneakers in collaboration with Adidas, which come in a futuristic nylon-leather combination. The sneakers and their separate rubber soles would certainly have looked great on George Lucas' Stormtroopers. They are available for 440 euros.
7th place - Comme Des Garçons toe shoes

There has been the grotesque shoe trend of painting faces on our footwear for years. Equally strange is the appearance of Comme des Garçons, which bring to light the toes hidden in the shoes and undoubtedly place 7 of the The ugliest shoes in the world have earned. A few Toe shoes costs a mere $ 743.
6th place - Bondage Oxfords by Givenchy

The Oxford shoe. This men's shoe model is revered all over the world as the pinnacle of elegance. The closed hole lacing, the straight blade cut and the classic shape of the last exude typical British charm, tradition and style. How cruelly is it for shoe lovers to realize how easy it is to turn the tasteful classic shoe into literal horror, as happened at Givenchy.
5th place - Armadillos by Alexander McQueen

This place is due to the dazzling horror of Alexander McQueen, which the former fashion designer presented at his fashion show for the spring / summer collection 2010. His idea of ​​femininity was called a heel of a full 25.4 centimeters his own. As the time for the catwalk approached, however, some models, including Abbey Lee Kershaw, Natasha Poly and Sascha Pivovarova, refused to put on the killer heels. Like an armadillo struck by headlights, they disappeared into the night.
4th place - Loafers by Christian Louboutin

The basic cut and black calfskin follow the classic men's shoe design. The extraordinary character of the Louboutin loafers results from the spiked shoe upper, which would go perfectly with Pinhead's outfit. The shoe bears the significant name dandySpades spades calf, much more remains to place 4 of the The ugliest shoes in the world hardly to say either. The loafers from Louboutin are available for 1,365 euros.
3rd place - High Tide Heels by Paul Schietekat

The bronze medal of our Ten ugliest shoes in the world goes to Belgium. The high-heeled flippers caused an unbelievable excitement in 2006 when a photo of them suddenly appeared on the Internet and split shoe lovers worldwide into two camps. If some couldn't identify the long-unknown originator of those creative shoe clothing quickly enough, the other half clapped their hands over their heads in disbelief. We owe them that High tide heels the Belgian artist Paul Schietekat.
2nd place - Oxfords with a bite from Fantich & Young

Actually an impossibility. But in ours Top ten ugliest shoes in the world a classic Oxford shoe has made it one more time. The London designer duo brings the basic shaft cut to the business shoe par excellence Fantich & Young the popular classic shoe to grind your teeth. For their so-called Apex Predator they fixed 1,050 teeth on the shoe sole, including gold specimens below the toe cap. The London designers explained their intention as follows: »Apex predators are predators with no predators of their own, residing at the top of their food chain
1st place - Ugg croc toe shoes

Nobody is free from faults. But this shoe can only be an incredible mistake. Any overpaid shoe designer must have asked himself the question: What happens when you combine the two ugliest types of shoes in the world and pair them with a stocking as the icing on the cake. The result is as amusing as it is disturbing - the Ugg Croc Toe Shoe.
Place 0 - animal shoes by Iris Schieferstein

Last but not least, the The ugliest shoes in the world Nor is one particularly macabre specimen left unmentioned, the Horseshoes by Iris Schieferstein. The Berlin designer's shoes are so out of competition in terms of their choice of materials and shape that we simply had to give them 0th place. The secret: Schieferstein processes animal remains from pigeons, horses, goats and even dogs into her controversial sculptures. So it is hardly surprising that even Lady Gaga asked the Berliner about a copy.
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