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The apparatus of claim 18 further comprising a measurement while drilling tool including a mud pulse telemetry system.

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Prior to joining Slater & Matsil, Yumin was a Senior Technical Advisor at Halliburton Energy Services where he defined the system architecture for the company's next generation Mud Pulse Telemetry tool.
The device as claimed in claim 10 or 11, wherein said processing unit can transmit data to a surface station by mud pulse telemetry, wireline, or electromagnetic pulsing.
Apparatus according to claim 10 or 11, wherein said processing unit performs Mud pulse telemetry, Wireline or electromagnetic pulsing can transmit data to a station on the surface.
A measurement-while-drilling apparatus according to any preceding claim, wherein said drillstring includes a directional mud pulse telemetry subassembly for communicating data uphole.
Measurement-while-drilling system using mud-pulse valve for data transmission.
A. system according to any of claims 1 to 5 in which said mud-pulse transmitter is hydraulically controlled.
A. mud pulse detection device according to Claim 10, wherein the plunger is operable by means of a locking screw.
Home / racing / TELEMETRY SYSTEM TELEMETRY SYSTEM 1 products Trackmate is a professional tool for the detection, monitoring and measurement of telemetry data.
High speed digital telemetry system for implantable device.
Digital Telemetry system high speed transmission for an implantable device.
Telemetry system with signal booster for digital data transmission through a transmission line.
Telemetry equipment with signal booster for digital transmission of information through transmission lines.
Piston-mounted power generator, especially for telemetry systems.
Paging-based back channel in a medical telemetry system
Pager-based retrograde channel in a medical Telemetry system
The extender of claim 1 wherein said wireless data communication means includes a telemetry system.
The expansion device of claim 1, wherein the wireless data communication means is a Telemetry system include.
The acoustic telemetry system of claim 2, wherein the corruption signal includes drilling noise.
The acoustic Telemetry system The claim 2, wherein the corruption signal includes drilling noises.
Protected measuring point (one out of four) with telemetry system.
ThermoplanConnect Cleverly connected Our new telemetry system keeps you informed at all times about the performance of our Thermoplan fully automatic coffee machine.
ThermoplanConnect Cleverly connected Our new one Telemetry system keeps you up to date on the performance of your Thermoplan coffee machine at all times.
The intelligent telemetry system collects selected data and enables the operator to obtain a detailed analysis.
The intelligent one Telemetry system collects selected data and allows a detailed evaluation for the operator.
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