What happened at your most memorable picnic

Picnic with spring-like delights!

Healthy snacks are the ideal companion for a picnic. (Photo by: © belahoche / fotolia.com)

Elaborate preparations are not necessary: ​​try new ones Picnic recipes and pack blankets and a basket full of delicacies. Scissors or a knife for fresh herbs can be very useful, because spring awakens the senses with extra-delicate young leaves and herbs.

The culinary gifts of the season are full of vitamins and minerals, they purify the blood and drive away the remains of spring fatigue.

Besides, it is a great pleasure to let off steam in a meadow and eat healthy delicacies.

Wild herbs

dandelion is one of the most famous wild herbs. The very young, tender, pale yellow leaves taste wonderful as a salad in spring, when they contain almost no bitter substances.

sorrel is tasted by the children in the meadow. But it is also a healthy treat as a soup or in a salad.

Also Wild garlic is a well-known and valued medicinal plant. It spices up pesto, pasta, soups and much more. Wild garlic tastes best when finely cut and mashed.

Aromatic and with appetizing bitter substances young ground elder to be found in the meadows, which is prepared like spinach or used in spring salad.

These and many other spring treasures green the delicacies you brought with you.

Here are a few recipe tips:

Soup tips

A soup made from boys Carrots and spring onions can be easily transported in a thermos.

Fixed and ready-wound wraps are kept appetizing in a lunch box.

Mini cheesecake are spooned out of mason jars and feta balls with tender, fresh spinach are the perfect finger food.

Delicious Pasta salads are prepared very quickly and are particularly delicate with a spicy wild garlic pesto, for the pesto good olive oil, fresh wild garlic leaves, pine nuts and parmesan are finely pureed in the food processor and seasoned with pepper and salt - done.

A few recipe tips:


Picnic snacks are great to prepare at home. (Photo by: © Doris Heinrichs / fotolia.com)

Lukewarm focaccia is delicious. If you sprinkle it with spring onions, goat cheese, olive oil, and sea salt, bake it and take it wrapped in linen, the flatbread is one of the great picnic highlights.

Furthermore, bread recipes can be prepared early in the morning or the day before.

These are of course delicious Whole grain, spelled or sourdough bread. The icing on the cake is a fruit cake with cherries and marzipan, like those enjoyed in England around Easter time.

Here are a few recipe tips:

Drinks & Co.

Drinks like Smoothies, homemade limos, iced teas and of course water with lemongrass are real wonders and really spice up a picnic.

Here are a few recipe tips:

Let's wish each other a nice spring together!

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