What is RAC 34

Termination Board HiCTB32-HIM-RAC-SP-AI320X

careconnectionXG2: terminals 1, 3 (+); 2, 4 (-)nominal voltage24 V DC, taking into account the rated voltage of the isolating modules usedVoltage drop0.9 V, voltage drop across the decoupling diodes on the termination board must be taken into accountRipple≤ 10 %validation4 A, each for 32 modulesPower dissipation≤ 500 mW, without modulesReverse polarity protectionYesredundancycareRedundancy possible. The supply for the isolating modules is decoupled, monitored and protected.Error message outputconnectionXG2: terminals 5, 6Output typepotential-free contactSwitching behaviorno error: relay contact closed
Supply error: relay contact open
Module error: relay contact openContact load30 V DC, 1 AAds / settingsDisplay elementsLED PWR1 (termination board supply), green LED
LED PWR2 (termination board supply), green LED
FAULT LED (error message), red LED
- LED lights up: supply error
- LED flashes: module error
Run LED, green LED
- The HIMax I / O module is supplied with voltage and is connected to the termination board (FTA) via system cables.
LED field, red LED
- The HIMax I / O module detects errors in the connection between the HIMax I / O module and the termination board (FTA).Directive complianceElectromagnetic compatibilityDirective 2014/30 / EUEN 61326-1: 2013 (industrial areas)conformityElectromagnetic compatibilityNE 21: 2012
Further information can be found in the system description.Protection classIEC 60529: 2001Environmental conditionsAmbient temperature-20 ... 60 ° C (-4 ... 140 ° F)Storage temperature-40 ... 85 ° C (-40 ... 185 ° F)Mechanical dataProtection classIP20connectionField sideHazardous area: spring clips, blueControl sideNon-hazardous area: HIMA system plug, 96-pincareplug-in spring clips, blackError outputplug-in spring clips, blackWire cross-sectionSpring clips: 0.25 ... 1.5 mm2 (24 ... 16 AWG)materialHousing: polycarbonate, 10% glass fiber reinforcedDimensionsapprox. 1300 gDimensions432 x 200 x 163 mm, height including modulesAttachmenton 35 mm DIN rail according to EN 60715: 2001Data for use in connection with potentially explosive areasEU type examination certificateCESI 06 ATEX 022Labelling II (1) G [Ex ia Ga] IIC
II (1) D [Ex ia Da] IIIC
I (M1) [Ex ia Ma] INon-hazardous areaSecurity Maximum voltage250 V (Caution! Um is not a rated voltage.)Galvanic separationField circuit / control circuitsafe electrical isolation according to IEC / EN 60079-11, voltage peak value 375 V.Directive complianceDirective 2014/34 / EUEN 60079-0: 2012 + A11: 2013, EN 60079-11: 2012, EN 50303: 2000International approvalsUL approvalE106378Control drawing116-0327IECEx approvalIECEx certificateIECEx CES 06.0003IECEx marking[Ex ia Ga] IIC
[Ex ia Da] IIIC
[Ex ia Ma] I.General informationadditional informationIf applicable, observe the certificates, declarations of conformity, operating instructions and manuals. You can find this information at www.pepperl-fuchs.com.