Toupee is out of the question

Balding trend: attractive masculinity instead of a bald catastrophe

For many men it is still a catastrophe: the hair that is becoming thinner and thinner. Baldness is considered unattractive and hair transplants are booming. But is the bald head really like that
frowned upon? Why does man's hair fall out? How can he stop the hair loss and when does he have to finally reach for the razor? We will explain all of this and more to you in this post.

Bald head - a sex symbol

First things first: Those who are inexorably headed for a bald head don't have to worry about their lack of attractiveness. Stars like Bruce Willis or Heiner Lauterbach show how it is: Despite being bald - or precisely because of their bald head - they are considered masculine and attractive. That was already the case in the days of actor Telly Savala's famous cult figure "Kojak", but now baldness is increasingly becoming an attractive trend.

A study recently carried out by the University of Pennsylvania came to the same conclusion. On average, bald men were perceived by the female subjects as more self-confident, stronger and more dominant than those with full head of hair. But that's not all: According to a survey by the OnlineDoctor portal, in which more than 1,700 people took part, 54 percent of women found a bald head sexy.

So don't be afraid of a bald head - the ladies don't think it's half as bad as most men judge it. Rather, bald men appear overall more attractive to the opposite sex. So don't hesitate to pick up the razor if your head is getting bald. Because a bald head destroys the positive judgment of the ladies again. The same University of Pennsylvania study found that men who hold onto their thinning hair instead of taking a radical cut are perceived as less masculine. If that's not a reason to go completely bald! In fact, the prominent examples have changed the image of the bald man: So take courage - it's better to be completely bald than to cling to a few hairs on your head.

Hair care against hair loss

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Why does the hair fall out anyway?

The Princes William and Harry of England are prominent examples of men who have receding hairlines or even circular hair loss on their heads at a young age. Why is that and can you prevent hair loss?

The reasons for hair loss are not definitely clear. Experts assume that, for example, stress, hormonal fluctuations or genetic predisposition all play a role as factors. The scalp can also be infected by infections or fungi, or an inadequate diet can lead to deficiency symptoms on the head. In some men, the thyroid gland can be the cause of hair loss. With so many possible factors it is essential to see a doctor and have a complete diagnosis carried out, because this is the only way a therapy can work.

The good news: if you counteract hair loss early, you can slow down hair loss with the right therapy and maybe even avoid baldness entirely. However, if you already have significantly thinner hair, you have two options: conceal the hair loss or use the razor.

Concealment of thin hair

The easiest method to hide the approaching bald head is certainly a hairstyle change. Changing the cut or styling can work wonders here. If you comb the hair a little differently, for example, receding hairlines can be concealed well or smaller, light areas are covered. Let the experts advise you here too!

Toupets and hair transplants are a bit more radical. Andre Agassi's gorgeous curly mane, which he wore on tennis courts around the world for years, was a toupee. The ex-professional admitted that in his autobiography. Today he stands by his bald head - and thus looks a lot more attractive. Those who want to take a more radical step can tackle a hair transplant. However, this needs to be carefully considered, because it is not an easy procedure and it takes a long time before you can present the head with the new hair to the world. Nevertheless, the procedure is enjoying increasing popularity. Prominent example: Jürgen Klopp, the football coach of Liverpool FC, who had a hair transplant performed a few years ago. The result is quite impressive. If you like it less radical, you can use a simple headgear.

The complete bald cut

The studies above have shown that a bald cut looks attractive to many women and can even look better than the thinning hair on the head. But when is the right time to pick up the razor? And how do you take care of your bald head?

In general, everyone has to decide for themselves when they think their hair is too light and thinning, so that shaving becomes inevitable. It is different for every man - I do it earlier, some only much later. In general, however, you can dare to go bald if you have such a large gap on the head with circular hair loss that the head is optically elongated by the side sections. Also consider any scars and the shape of your head before shaving. A beautiful head shape naturally also makes a beautiful bald head.

In any case, we recommend going to an expert who can advise you accordingly. Also, shaving shouldn't just happen spontaneously: There are a few things to watch out for when shaving your head. Longer scalp hair must first be trimmed, a shaving gel applied and a suitable blade used. Also paid attention to such subtleties as birthmarks - you should avoid these when you shave so as not to injure yourself!

An enormous advantage of being bald is of course that you can save yourself going to the hairdresser in the future, and you can also do without many styling products that you previously needed for your hair. But be careful: a bald head is not a free ticket for lack of care. The bald head also needs some basic grooming.

How do you properly care for your bald head?

Of course, combing and styling your hair is more time-consuming than maintaining a bald head. You save a lot of time with less hair on your head. But that does not mean that no care is necessary: ​​Your scalp is not used to the sun exposure, as it was previously protected to some extent by your main hair. Sun protection for the sensitive skin of the skull is a must - especially against the damaging UV rays, because if your skin is enormously damaged, it can even lead to skin cancer. Sun protection is also important for thinning hair, but even more so if you are bald. A spray can easily remedy this because it does not grease the hair unnecessarily. Pick a spray that suits your skin type. For that certain shine and an additional kick of moisture, experts also recommend oiling the scalp occasionally - for example with baby oil.

Care products for the bald head

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Even when there is no longer any hair on the head, the bald head also wants to be washed. Mild shampoos or a foam are advantageous here - whether for light hair or for baldness. Afterwards it is essential to apply the cream again to restore the moisture to the skin.

Baldness is no longer a stopgap solution. Having arrived in the mainstream, it is now considered stylish and sexy and makes men appear more self-confident, among other things. Of course, such a bald cut is a radical change for every man, but if you know your options and act accordingly, all doors are open to you: from preventing hair loss, to a completely sexy bald cut to hair transplantation. So hair loss is not a catastrophe and baldness as a hairstyle is no longer questionable, but an attractive trend.