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Daily Fantasy Sports - Fusion of FanDuel and DraftKings failed!

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The two largest providers of daily fantasy sports in the USA have announced that they are merging to create one of the most powerful companies in the industry. The merger fails because of the Federal Trade Commission.

By the editorial team on 07/17/2017

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The Daily Fantasy Sports and Social Casino market continues to grow. Not only the game company Zynga, which was once known for the farm game FarmVille, and the social games provider King (Candy Crush Sage) are investing more and more in social casino apps, but also real casinos such as the Grand Casino Baden recently opened with Jackpots.ch an online casino of Switzerland origin. A similar amount is happening in the Daily Fantasy Sports scene!

The story of the two big fantasy sports companies FanDuel and Draftkings has been with us for more than a year. The two competitors have pestered each other, pulled together again, thrown merger plans into the world, revised them, but the latest news suggested that nothing stands in the way of the merger, unless there is no agreement on the appointment of the CEO positions .

After the allegations of gambling had been cleared out of the way through enormous payments, nothing really stood in the way of the merger of FanDuel and Draftkings. There was still no complete agreement on the distribution of power in the new mega-company, but all other hurdles had been removed. Or maybe not. With the merger, the two companies would combine over 90 percent of the market for daily fantasy sports. A one-sidedness and dominance of the market that the Federal Trade Commission does not want to tolerate so easily.

Now the two competitors are each going their own way again after the merger was supposed to get the financial problems of FanDuel and Draftkings out of the way. FanDuel CEO Nigel Ecles had always believed that the merger would have helped both companies grow. But in the interests of shareholders, customers, employees and partners, it is now best to terminate the merger agreement and move forward as an independent company.

Draftkings is also confidently behind the failed merger. "We have a customer base of nearly 8 million, our sales are up 30 percent year over year, and we're just beginning to bring our product to the billion-dollar overseas sports fan market," said Chief Executive Jason Robbins.

So the eternal back and forth between two competitors who wanted to become partners in a market that has billions of potential and costs billions for licenses and free purchases from suspected gambling comes to an end, at least for the time being.

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