What is Rasp Army

It is usually called a loot scheme when men date the same type of woman over and over again. But what do you call the phenomenon when a man, say the President of the United States, basically surrounds himself with the same type of woman everywhere? With the wife, the employees, the daughters-in-law, even their own daughter miraculously fits into the picture. Obviously, so much agreement is an expression of immensely established external preferences - and a very limited worldview that focuses on packaging instead of content.

The extremely sharp casting of the Trump era resulted in the same blueprint, which was above all a blonde break: the campaign strategist Kellyanne Conway, the press spokeswoman Kayleigh McEnany, the daughter-in-law Lara Trump and the ex-daughter-in-law Vanessa Trump, daughter Ivanka Trump Wife Melania, who is not blonde, but wears streaks of butterscotch in a balayage technique. If you put them all side by side, you get an almost cloned cheerleading troop.

The online site Refinery29 once sent a dozen pictures of women close to Trump to the then chairman of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, asking if they had physiognomic similarities between them. And indeed: almost all face proportions correspond to the "golden ratio", for example the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth and chin areas are roughly in the same proportion to each other. So Trump women have "good", attractive faces in the scientific sense, as if they had been carved into shape.

Visually a profoundly monotonous presidency

With the departure of the 45th President from the White House, four years of rollercoaster politics came to an end, but visually it was a legislative period that couldn't have been more monotonous. As is well known, Trump had also called for women to dress nicely like women, and these ladies also over-fulfilled this announcement: perfect hair dryer waves, lots of make-up, like lip gloss, high pumps, shift dresses with a focus on the waist, never too tight, just not too far, but always short enough that they can Fox-News- Requirement for a "legshot" would be met. Anyone who has seen the film "Bombshell" starring Charlize Theron knows by now: This dull, feminine stereotype was not only cast on Trump, but above all on his conservative favorite broadcaster.

It was yawning, it was scary. Because the image of women that they conveyed with their presence at this time was just as reactionary as the politics they literally represented, as they were mainly used as Trump's figureheads in the communication departments, as pretty faces to play bad games. Here were women who worked, but unconditionally kept their backs on their husband, the president. Some of them had even made a real career at his side, so he couldn't be a sexist at all! All of these women conveyed so little empathy with other women, but so much iron discipline in their entire posture that you felt neck tension just by watching. It was perfectly clear that with her double and triple coated eyelashes, any fly that dared to besiege her like Mike Pence in a television duel would have been knocked unconscious with a single clink of the eyes.

The new standard is: there is no longer any

The next few weeks should therefore be like this makeover moment with us Brigitte or "Germany's Next Top Model": The before-and-after effect between the women of the last and the new government couldn't be more impressive. It starts with First Lady Jill Biden, who is a stark alternative to Melania Trump because she is emphatically warm and approachable, and this is also reflected in her style. More playful, more colorful, more sporty, but much less "high fashion" can be expected from her. Vice-President Kamala Harris creates new relationships simply by being the first woman in this office, but also appears completely different from, say Ivanka Trump, who at times liked to act as vice-president. The 56-year-old officially prefers a uniform made of trouser suits, kitten heels, and pearl necklaces. But in Converse on the cover of the American Vogue to pose, even if a bit unhappy in retrospect - one has not experienced so much demonstrative relaxation in the last four years; or only with wide-legged male advisors like Steve Bannon. And with Harris, what she calls a "big, blended" blended family pulls into the limelight, where even her husband's ex-wife is invited to the inauguration.

The nominees for the communications jobs of the new government are so diverse that apart from gender, they no longer have much in common with their predecessors. The new head of communications is Kate Bedingfield, Jen Psaki is the new press spokeswoman, both are rather red-haired, leg shots could be difficult. The Indian-American Sabrina Singh is Psaki's deputy, the black Hartina Flournoy, who previously worked for Bill Clinton, is joining Harris as chief of staff. The style critics' secret favorite is Symone Sanders, personal spokeswoman for the Vice President, who wears a rasped afro and obviously has a penchant for bright lipstick and bold jewelry. So the new standard is: there is none.

Of course, these are all just external features, the constant perception of which can shape us, consciously or unconsciously, but in the long term. A White House, obviously mostly occupied by whites, women who all fulfill the same ideal of beauty - with one or the other, this may at some point seep through as the norm. That is why it is so important that we now get used to more diversity again, to a new "blend", a real mixture. It was often said that Trump had such a deterrent character in fashion that it led to wide silhouettes and more "empowerment" in the collections. Reaction creates backlash. But at least Melania Trump attracted the same power designs as Alexander McQueen himself from time to time. How emancipated the former first lady actually is may soon be finally found out.