Picks up the smell of coffee beans from pets

Coffee and lemon: How to get rid of bad smells in your home

Regardless of whether it is smelly shoes, stinking rubbish bins or unpleasant food smells: If the air in the apartment is bad, the comfort is over. Fortunately, there are simple home remedies and tricks to get rid of bad smells quickly and sustainably.

Smelly sports shoes are a torture for every nose. But you don't have to use special shoe deodorants for a long time. Baking soda can help here quickly. It is sprinkled into the shoes and distributed in them. Then you wait a few hours or leave the powder in your shoes overnight. During this time it binds the moisture. Then the excess baking powder is knocked out again. After this treatment, the shoe smells like new.

Cat litter against sweaty feet

If you have cats at home, you can also try cat litter. Many athletes swear by this tip. Because the litter not only sucks the moisture out of the shoe, but also binds odors. In addition, the small balls can be easily poured out again after the exposure time. If you don't want to have the cat litter loose in your shoe, you can put some of it in an old nylon stocking and tie it into the shoe overnight.

Fresh scent for stinking trash cans

Everyone has experienced this situation before: As soon as the lid of the rubbish bin opens, an unpleasant smell wafts through the kitchen. The rubbish bin generally starts to stink quickly - even if it is emptied regularly. If you put two to three tablespoons of baking soda in the garbage bag, you have two advantages: On the one hand, baking soda neutralizes unpleasant odors, and on the other hand, the powder absorbs moisture. And that inhibits bacterial growth. The cat litter trick can also be used in the trash can.

Special trash can deodorants from the supermarket also ensure a better smell. If you don't want to spend extra money on this, you can also put some washing powder in the garbage bag. That gives off a good smell.

Banish the smell of smoke with vinegar

After a night of partying and smoking in the apartment, it usually smells unpleasant. The smell of nicotine is often stuck in curtains and upholstery for a long time. To get rid of it, vinegar water has proven itself as a home remedy.

To do this, fill a bowl with hot water and add a dash of vinegar. Then place the vessel in the room from which you want to remove the smoke odor. You will soon notice how the mixture binds the unpleasant smell of nicotine. Smooth surfaces can also be rubbed with vinegar water to increase the effect. Alternatively, if you are uncomfortable with the vinegar smell, you can use lemon juice.

Musty smell from the closet

A foul-smelling wardrobe ensures that clothes quickly take on an unpleasant odor. In older cupboards, the wood itself often smells. An old and tried-and-tested home remedy for the wardrobe to smell fresh again is vinegar. This not only ensures that the odor disappears - it also gently disinfects the piece of furniture. It is best to wear gloves when using vinegar or vinegar essence to rub the wood. After the treatment, let the wardrobe air out well so that the unpleasant smell will soon disappear.

Lemon lets the fridge smell again

Food stored in the refrigerator should be kept fresh and palatable. But everyone has lost their appetite when opening the door. The reason is the unpleasant smell of the refrigerator, which is difficult to avoid and even more difficult to combat. The lemon promises a quick remedy: Put a small bowl of its juice in the refrigerator for a few days. The lemon peel can also be placed in it. The pleasantly fresh scent will quickly mask the stink.

Flour can also drive unpleasant odors out of the refrigerator. All you need is a small, open glass into which you fill the cereal product and place it next to the stored food. This means that unpleasant smells no longer stand a chance. In addition, it saves money and the environment, as you can do without expensive, chemical refrigerator fragrances from the trade.

With coffee and orange peel against kitchen odors

Unpleasant smells in the kitchen can also arise when roasting fish or meat. It doesn't matter whether you use an extractor hood or open the kitchen window. But here, too, there is a simple trick: place a couple of orange peel on a stove that is still warm and they will give off a pleasant scent after a short time. Make sure, however, that the stove is not too hot. Even a large plate of coffee powder can completely cover up unpleasant smells in just a few hours.

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