All internet downloads are done via FTP

Access the FTP server via Windows Explorer

Heinrich Puju

Files for quick download - for example drivers or program updates - can often be found on FTP servers on the Internet. Simple Windows Explorer is better suited to accessing such an FTP server than Internet Explorer.

EnlargeHow to access the FTP server using Windows Explorer.

FTP access: If you have opened an FTP Internet address in Internet Explorer, you can recognize this by the fact that the entry in the address line does not begin with http: // as usual, but with ftp: //. This abbreviation denotes the File Transfer Protocol, which is a special file transfer protocol. An FTP root directory will then appear in the browser window. It shows a folder structure like that on a hard drive. The use of Windows Explorer is therefore an obvious choice. Press the Alt key, click the View menu, and choose Open FTP Site in Windows Explorer from the menu. If there is a security query, confirm the query with "Allow".

EnlargeAccess to the FTP server with Windows Explorer, which can be called up directly from Internet Explorer while surfing, is more convenient than with the browser.

Direct entry: If you have received an FTP Internet address, for example by e-mail, or if it is perhaps available in print, you can also access the FTP server directly in Explorer. To do this, open Windows Explorer by holding down the Windows key and pressing the E key at the same time. In the opened window, enter the FTP address in the address field, for example Confirm the entry with the Enter key.

Some FTP servers do not allow anonymous logon, but require identification in which you can prove authorized access with your user name and password. In this case a message window appears in which you enter “Username” and “Password”. You can get both information from the operator of the FTP server or from the administrator who manages the site. In order to save yourself the entry in the future, mark the field "Save password" before you click on "Login".

As soon as the FTP server is open in Explorer, you can access the folders and copy files using the right-click menu or drag and drop them onto your computer - for example on the desktop - with the mouse button pressed. What you are ultimately allowed to do, whether you can open, copy or even save files on the FTP server, always depends on the rights that you have been granted for the FTP folder.