How much value are sitewide links

Domain popularity, visibility and SEO ranking factors

How do backlinks and high domain popularity affect visibility on Google? There is new material for discussion around ranking factors, links and visibility values.

Visibility according to SEO tools

We have often heard about the visibility indices of the SEO tools on our blog. So the question: Does a high index value at Xovi or Sistrix say anything at all? What is being measured there? And on what basis? How does the Visibility Index (SI) come about and what conclusions can be drawn from it?

How important the visibility index is

The question in itself is pretty relevant. Many SEO clients make their success rating dependent on falling or rising SI values. And some SEOs find it difficult to explain when nothing happens in the SI curve despite their zealous commitment. Others lean back because a rising value can be seen. Whether the ranking improvements actually took place in relevant positions or in absolute marginal areas is not evident from the SI evaluation. But that is another topic that we should not go into any further now.

Ranking factors for search engine optimization

The following will deal with the topic of what measurable ranking factors are and what are not for Google optimization. Very interesting evaluations have just been presented in two current posts in the Sistrix blog. The correlation of visibility value and incoming links is dealt with. More precisely: It is about the domain popularity or the number of inbound links. The whole thing is underpinned by table diagrams that compare which website comes with which measured backlink "value" to which SI value. In short: How strong is the influence of links on the positions in the visibility index.

Links explain only a small part of the visibility

Two results can be particularly emphasized. First: Obviously, so-called “sitewide links” are only effective to a small extent. So if many links point to a website from the same domain, it doesn't have as big an impact as some people think. That would confirm what many SEOs have been saying for a long time.

Result number two: Over 50 percent of the visibility cannot be explained by backlinks / domain popularity. "In other words, in the sample examined, the domain pop values ​​can explain 45 percent of the variance in the visibility index, while the number of links only explain 35 percent." That is now reasonably interesting for every SEO.

Visibility index, backlinks and domains

On the one hand, this again confirms an old SEO insight, namely that the number of linked domains (domain popularity) is more important than a high number of links per se (link popularity). On the other hand, however, the question arises if, according to this sample, less than half of the visibility (45 percent) can be explained via a backlink metric, what is the main component of the remaining web visibility?

Ranking factors

So there must be a lot of other factors that are relevant for good visibility on Google. That was never a big secret either. But to make it clear that this appears to be more than the half of the ranking, that could trigger a certain shift in priorities for some SEOs.

But wait: When evaluating statistical models and results, you always have to be extra careful. It is all too easy to compare apples with bananas and draw completely wrong conclusions. (Also for the current sample evaluation in the Sistrix blog it is expressly pointed out that the samples are only about a limited selection of data.) One should therefore look carefully at what is specifically proven by the Sistrix evaluation.

Keyword sets and representative results

This is where the initial consideration of the general meaningfulness of visibility indices comes into play. A keyword excerpt, a selected keyword set, is chosen as the basis for creating the SI. So from the start, an SI is always only a partial result. How representative that is would have to be fundamentally examined and reconsidered. That the current SI results Notrepresentative You can also make it clear to yourself by doing something else very easily: namely, with the different SEO tools differentResults out.

The visibility indices should not be taken as absolute values ​​- we have already pointed this out several times in the blog - in any case. If you want to know how and why a website ranks, you have to use additional factors and indices, at least additively.

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