Who was Betty White's husband

Betty White has been married three times - meet the 'Golden Girls' star's husbands

Pioneer Betty White has seen many great seasons in Hollywood. Not only is she famous for her expertise, but her romantic life is very exciting too!

Many names ring a bell in Hollywood, but the Betty White name is probably one of the few names that rings 'multiple bells'. This actress is considered one of the best in Hollywood with the longest acting career.

Betty White was the first female sitcom producer among innumerable achievements, but she was also known for her vibrant romantic life. White tried marriage three times.

Betty White at the premiere of 'Dr. Seuss 'The Lorax' on the Citywalk on February 19, 2012 | Photo: Getty Images


The 'Golden Girls' star first tried her hands on marriage in 1945 when she tied the knot with an Army pilot, Dick Barker. She met him while she was a member of the American Women's Voluntary Service. However, their union was short-lived and lasted only a few months.

Two years later, in 1949, the veteran comedian married Lane Allen, who wanted her to give up her career, but that wasn't White's plan, and after two years of being together, the two gave up in 1951. Although Betty's first two marriages didn't go as planned, her third marriage was the exception.

Betty White's Ex-Husband Dick Barker on-set of Film | Photo: Youtube / Agent Of Star


White and co-star, Allen Ludden first became an item after attending his show 'The Password' in 1961. Ludden was defeated at the time, and Betty felt the same way. The two of them walked down the aisle, and this was the most effective marriage for White.

Since the 'First Lady of Television' has no children of her own, she doesn't regret her decision.

Betty White's second ex-husband Lane Allen calls on the set Photo: Youtube / Agent Of Star

White and Allen Ludden dated for a long time until he died in 1981. After him, the TV icon never married again. Once, speaking to Oprah Winfrey about meeting Ludden, White said:

“I wasted a whole year that we could have had together, but we made it. Finally we've made it. '

Betty had no children during her entire married life, but she is the stepmother of Ludden's three children.

Allen Ludden and Betty White on 'Everyone Promotes Marriage' on November 25, 1963. | Photo: Getty Images


There is no doubt that Allen Ludden was the greatest love of Betty 's life as she never remarried after his death. Speaking once about the reason I stopped getting married, White Anderson Cooper said:

'When you've had the best, who needs the rest?'

The 'best' in this case was Allen Ludden, who, even after 40 years of his death, continues to be in awe of the love they shared.

Betty White at the 42nd annual Daytime Emmy Awards on April 26, 2015 | Photo: GettyImages

Since the 'First Lady of Television' has no children of her own, she doesn't regret her decision. Talking about not having children, she explained that when she focuses on something, she becomes compulsive.

So if she did choose to have children, her focus would be on them and this could lead to career failure. Hence, she chose her career.