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Every journey has an end, including MyTrain.

All train tickets are sold!

But the end of every journey is the beginning of a new one. So no reason to be sad.

At Joyn there is still encouraging entertainment with a changing selection of films and series as well as over 60 live TV channels.

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What is Joyn / Joyn PLUS +?
Joyn is an app and streaming service with live TV and media library. Use Joyn with the app on your smartphone, on the television or simply on the web at joyn.de.

Joyn PLUS + is the premium offer from Joyn. Joyn PLUS + offers you complete series, the latest blockbusters and Pay TV live channels - all in HD, of course.
What does MyTrain have to do with Joyn and Deutsche Bahn?
Joyn is now available as Joyn SELECTION in all ICE trains operated by Deutsche Bahn. That means: You can enjoy films and series without using up your mobile data volume in the train's WLAN. MyTrain is now offering 6 months of Joyn PLUS + including 2 DB tickets and 3 months of Joyn PLUS + including 1 DB ticket in an affordable complete package.
Does my Joyn PLUS + automatically start with the purchase?
No, your Joyn PLUS + does not start automatically. You will receive the Joyn PLUS + voucher code by email from MyTrain after purchase. You can redeem this until December 31, 2021 at joyn.de/gutschein.
How do I get the MyTrain DB ticket for my journey with Deutsche Bahn?
After completing your purchase, MyTrain will send you a DB online booking code by email. Please note: this booking code is not yet a DB ticket. Simply redeem the DB booking code at bahn.de/mytrain to book a train ticket.
Where can I see which train connections are available with my MyTrain DB ticket?
Before buying, you can check here whether your desired train connection can be booked with the MyTrain DB ticket. When booking on bahn.de/mytrain, the connections that can be booked with the DB online booking code are marked with € 0.00. However, we cannot guarantee that your desired train connection will still be available at the time the booking code is redeemed at bahn.de/mytrain. The offer depends on the availability and depends on the capacity utilization of the trains. We also ask for your understanding that we cannot provide any information about the availability of tickets by email.
Can I use the MyTrain DB online booking code for all train connections?
After redeeming the DB booking code at bahn.de/mytrain, you can only book the train connections marked with "0.00 €". The offer depends on the availability and depends on the capacity utilization of the trains. If no trip marked with "0.00 €" is available, simply select a different travel time.
Can I return / cancel the MyTrain DB ticket?
Unfortunately, no. MyTrain DB tickets cannot be exchanged. If the journey is not started, the MyTrain DB ticket that has been booked expires.
How many journeys is my MyTrain DB online booking code valid for?
With the “2 MyTrain DB-Tickets” offer, you will receive two DB online booking codes from MyTrain with which you can book two Germany-wide trips in 2nd class on DB Fernverkehr AG trains at bahn.de/mytrain.

The "1 MyTrain DB-Ticket" offer is valid for a one-way, Germany-wide 2nd class journey on DB Fernverkehr AG trains.
Can I buy multiple MyTrain DB tickets?
You can of course buy and redeem several online booking codes for MyTrain DB tickets. The Joyn PLUS + voucher can only be used by Joyn PLUS + new customers to be redeemed. Reselling the DB booking codes or the Joyn PLUS + voucher is not permitted. However, you can give the DB booking code and the Joyn PLUS + voucher to friends or acquaintances.
Do I have a fixed train connection with the MyTrain DB ticket?
Yes, as soon as you have redeemed your online booking code at bahn.de/mytrain for a train journey of your choice marked with "0.00 €", the MyTrain DB ticket is bound to the train.
Will my MyTrain DB online booking code expire if I cancel the booking process?
As long as you do not click on “Buy now” during the booking process at bahn.de/mytrain, your DB online booking code will of course not lose its validity.
Can I reserve a seat?
You can of course reserve a seat. This is not included in the price. However, you can easily book your seat for a fee at bahn.de/mytrain.