Why do I have such bad handwriting

Illegible writing - 7 reasons, 5 tips

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Illegible writing is a big problem in schools. Many school children, especially boys, can no longer write legibly. Parents and teachers have been confronted with this problem for a number of years and research is also dealing with this phenomenon. A number of reasons are held responsible for the fact that pupils develop a “dirty claw” that is sometimes indecipherable.

Of course, there is also discussion as to whether good handwriting is still necessary in the digital age. This discussion is unimportant for the students, because their performance and grades are also determined by handwriting. Writing legibly should therefore be a goal for all children, and the illegible writing should be broken down piece by piece. In order to achieve this goal, we have put together 5 steps for legible writing.

Table of Contents

7 reasons for illegible writing

  • Children learn to type around on a PC, smartphone or tablet before using the pen
  • a lack of concentration makes concentrated writing a difficult task
  • Afraid of mistakes, then it is better not to write at all
  • Parents do not attach great importance to writing and hardly ever write by hand themselves
  • legible writing is not taken so seriously because of erasable "fountain pens" and ink killers
  • Homework is delegated due to lack of time, there is no time for writing exercises
  • Fine motor skills are poorly developed