What are your favorite animated short films

Drawn and animated - these short films make your everyday life more colorful

Ronald McDonald as an unscrupulous villain, a limp Popeye with a walking aid instead of mukkies and adventurous insects that are anything but disgusting: We have selected seven wonderful short films that immerse us in the surreal and colorful world of animation.


Where Are They Now?

Does Bart Simpson never grow up? And shouldn't Garfield be bursting at the seams? As much lasagna as he stuffs into himself! Steve Cutts made the beautiful world of cartoons jet black and confronted the comic book heroes of our childhood with the harsh reality of real life. His film “Where Are They Now?” Shows how He-Man & Co. would really have fared if they had “grown up” in our society. The result is humorous, but conveys a socially critical message - as in all of his films, the illustrator and animator illuminates our mostly ruthless interaction with the environment and the consequences of our behavior.



Logorama shows a wondrous Los Angles in which absurd things happen: a conspicuously gay Master Proper is prancing through the LA Zoo, Big Boy and the Haribo boy are still going to school and fooling around like Beavis and Butt-Head and Ronald McDonald is an unscrupulous villain hunted down by several Michelin Man cops. In the wrong movie? Nope, in the animated short film “Logorama”, the entire population and all buildings in the city consist of logos and trademarks that we know from real life.

The Oscar-winning film thus symbolizes our everyday life, which is overloaded with advertising, in which thousands of colorful logos and symbols are embedded. The directors François Alaux and Herve de Crecy have incorporated over 2500 company logos into their action-packed short film to bring them to life. Brilliant who wins the brand battle in the end!



A short film between dream and reality, tells in a rapid alternation of surreal and razor-sharp images: Two friends on the beach of Zanzibar, in their tranquil fishing village, they fantasize about a wonderful life in a city with endless pleasure. But when they capture a monstrous spectacle with a stolen tourist camera, their life suddenly changes. As in a rushing stream, we are torn through the story, by strong images between delight and disenchantment, in a fight like from Hemingway's "Old Man and the Sea".

The impressive short film "Jonah" ran in the official competition of the Sundance Festival in 2013 and is the second globally successful work by director Kibwe Tavares after Robots of Brixton.


Symphony No. 42

Puking foxes, penguins singing operettas and a llama riding a tandem. These are not the scenes of my crazy dream from last night, but only three of the 47 sequences from the fabulous short film “Symphony No. 42 ". In her film, Reka Bucsi allows reality and fantasy to merge. Dreams turn into nightmare. Man and nature are one. There is no above and no below. And it all makes no sense. This is exactly why “Symphony No. 42 “so magical.


The Present

This short film has haunted social media for some time and has received nothing but positive reactions from all sides. It's no wonder: the story, which was originally based on a comic, is well animated, heartwarming and thought-provoking. A boy who prefers to spend his time alone in the house and in front of the game console will one day receive a very special gift from his mother ... But we don't want to reveal too much. Take a look for yourself - and have a pack of tissues ready as a precaution.


MINUSCULE - little heroes

Admittedly, tiny animals with more than four legs don't necessarily trigger a storm of enthusiasm in most people. But you just have to fall in love with the cute crawling animals from Minuscule.

In each of the five-minute short films you can watch ladybirds, ants, flies and spiders as they experience one adventure after another in their own miniature world. The special thing about it: the lovingly animated insects crawl through a real filmed backdrop. The Minuscule short films are not just for animation fans - they are guaranteed to help against insect phobia.


Road trip

“Roadtrip” shows a young dreamer who cannot sleep between the existentialist questions of life, philosophizing about the nail in the wall, and one cigarette after the next. The sun sets late, bottle collectors rattle off the garbage cans, foxes roam the streets, the U1 rattles over the rails and the sun rises again without the existentialist having slept. Lethargic, disoriented and listless, J. lets the days and nights go by until his old neighbor, with whom he often sits on the roof and looks over Berlin, advises him to go on a journey. But something always comes up. And then there is the cool bar girl, whom he now visits night after night in “Attila's Shoe” ...

The lovingly drawn animation film with a great sound is also dedicated to the bar girls in Berlin. “Roadtrip” was created as a thesis by Xaver Xylophon and Ariana Berndl at the Berlin Art School “Weißensee” and has already been shown at many renowned festivals. A wonderful summery short film that reflects the soul of Berlin and our generation.


MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU

MUTO by Blu is a bit older, but we think you can't watch the award-winning film often enough! With the help of stop-motion animation, the Italian street artist breathes life back into old walls, bare asphalt and abandoned buildings in Buenos Aires. To do this, he lets his surreal creatures crawl over walls, crawl through pipes and completely merge them with the place. The imaginative short film creates its very own world of urban art with its special animation and the matching sound.