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13th September 2016 The perfect bra for your evening wear

The beautiful ball gown has been bought and is ready for the special occasion. When trying on the bra for the first time, it is often found that the conventional everyday bra doesn't really go with it. The lace flashes through or you realize that an off-the-shoulder dress doesn't go well with the straps of your bra. In the following article we want to provide you with tips and tricks to prepare you for your big event.

Dresses with a plunging neckline

A beautiful cleavage knows how to convince and you are a real eye-catcher at every event. In order to give the breasts the right support and the ideal shape for your cleavage, it is advisable to wear push-ups or bras with a deep bridge. Especially in the field of bridal and ball fashion, the thought of the right brassiere should not only arise after buying the expensive dress. If you would like to learn more about the history of the décolleté, please read our detailed blog article about it.

Backless dresses and tops

You are of course familiar with the saying: “A beautiful back can also delight”. Therefore, choosing a backless dress or top for festive occasions is a brilliant idea. Of course, no unwanted detail should disturb the sexy sight here either. If you see parts of the straps or the bra here, the attractive image is quickly gone.

We recommend wearing multi-way bras for small cup sizes. The big advantage is that this bra variant can be worn "normally" and then hardly differs from your usual strappy bras. So the great event is near and you intend to wear a backless dress, then simply adjust the straps or the underbust band and the perfect sight is guaranteed. The underbust band is lengthened with the help of ribbons, then crossed on the back and placed around the waist and finally closed at the front. The effect - you get a beautiful V-neck.

Bras with transparent straps made of silicone are an option for larger cups. Please do not wash the straps in the washing machine as this can cause discoloration and damage. In most cases they are removable and can easily be rinsed off by hand under lukewarm water.

Dresses with a low back neckline

Have you opted for an almost completely free back cutout? Then you will definitely be the eye-catcher of the evening. It is all the more important to think about the support of your breasts at an early stage.

In ball fashion, the back neckline ends just before the bottom, there is of course the option of wearing an adhesive bra with connected cups. This consists of either foam or silicone. A wing bra is also a very practical way to discreetly but effectively guarantee the fit of your bosom. As the name suggests, this bra variation is characterized by adhesive wings that are attached to the cups. These then offer the breast additional support. Unfortunately, we can only recommend this type of bra to a limited extent, as it is only suitable for women with small or medium-sized breasts.

Strapless tops and fashion

Of course, such a top requires a strapless bra. They are available as completely strapless bandeau bras but also as a very stable version with side bars and removable straps. Nothing stands in the way of the perfect evening here. The bandeau bra in particular is a very comfortable variant that is suitable for women with large cups. They sit tight and secure the hold of your breasts with integrated silicone strips.

Ball fashion with an asymmetrical neckline

Have you decided on something extravagant and want nothing to disturb the wonderful sight? Then a strapless bra is the ideal choice here too. Regardless of which stylishly staged, asymmetrically cut fashion you have chosen, a flexible bra with adjustable straps or underbust band will allow you to relax and experience the big evening in a fancy wardrobe. For example, you can completely remove one strap, unhook the other on the front of the cup and run it diagonally across the back. Then put it over your shoulder and hook it back onto the other bra shell. And you are perfectly prepared for the big evening.

We hope to have given you a glimpse into the varieties of bras that are suitable for festive occasions. Just come to our specialist shop in the run-up to the event, bring your ball gown or your festive wardrobe with you and we will advise you in detail about the options for combining a bra with it.

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