Altruism is essential to enlightenment

Lam Rim - Stepped Path to Enlightenment

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We at the Tibet Center Hanover have experienced for ourselves how valuable the Buddha teachings are for life here and now, and based on the awareness of this value we would like to offer those interested reliable access to this treasure, with which one can fulfill one's life, can design deeper and more confidently. Or just imagine a great philosophy that "kissed the world with compassion".


  • Authentic content of the classical Buddhist teaching traditions first hand by trained Tibetan monks and qualified translations of the original texts.
  • The possibility of distance learning, which gives you the flexibility you need to complete your workload as you please. On site or online - our offer offers all the options.
  • Optimally coordinated modules, a structured study path consisting of written and digital summaries as well as our online platform enable you to deepen the course content in a sustainable manner.
  • a tried and tested didactic concept with online access to all study materials
  • individual advice and support throughout your entire study period
  • Enjoy learning through regular small study groups with Geshe Palden Öser

The well thought-out study concept and the loving and personal design of the framework organization offer the best conditions for your studies. 180 students are currently registered with us. With our many years of experience and competent specialist lecturers, we offer you knowledge of Buddhism at the highest level, but also with the friendliness and warm-hearted humor that characterize Buddhist wisdom.



When you register for our degree programs, you automatically have the option of distance learning. All instructions are available for download as audio MP3 files in our online area for every registered participant. All source texts and written elaborations are also available via this forum on the website. This means that you can study with us on site as well as from home.


The personal, family atmosphere of the Tibet Center promotes community cohesion and offers space for individual accompaniment.



Whether our office, our library or teachers and translators - the doors are open to questions and suggestions. We are at your side with advice and action in all matters relating to your studies.



From the first day until the end of the study program, you have a strong supporting program behind you. Lectures, ceremonies, weekend seminars, meditation evenings offer you early contact to new experiences.



Choosing the right course of study is an important decision in life. We would like to support you with this - please contact us.



You can arrange a consultation at any time. In the consultation we answer all questions about your studies.



"I have been taking part in Geshe Palden Öser's course for over a year, albeit from a distance, but thanks to mp3 audio recordings and written elaboration, always with my ear right in front of the action, so to speak in the first row. With the course it is As if a gate had opened and suddenly there is a clear path, an orientation for mind, heart and spirit. In my work and in everyday interaction, I now fall back on a fund that gives so clear and unambiguous security and orientation. "

"I'm really happy every time I get the email from you, because then it goes on again."

"It's a very nice feeling when more and more connections are slowly opening up and what has been learned can be tried out in suitable situations."

"I will follow the path of enlightenment as always at home and I am looking forward to the beautiful material that has always been carefully put together. Thank you very much."

"Thank you very much for the great course, which unfortunately I was unable to follow very closely. But I collect all the beautifully and carefully designed materials. I am sure there will be a time in my current life in which I will do all of this again and it will certainly be of enormous benefit to me. Therefore, I thank you very much for your efforts and your commitment to spread the "Buddha-Dharma" in such a profound way. "

"Thank you for all your efforts with translation, preparation and follow-up. It's so great that you are doing it and how great!"

"Enclosed I am sending my registration for the Sa-Lam course. The last year was very interesting and I would like to continue with it."

"The teachings of Geshe Palden Öser are valuable to me and I always feel at home in your center. I would like to take part in the new Buddhist Philosophy course. I'm curious."

"I admire your great work, from which I benefit so much! Thank you very much for your work!"

"The course has brought me a lot in the past year. It is not easy to transfer everything into everyday life the way I should. Something always goes wrong, emotions, self-made worries, money, stress, arguments, pain, and and and. It's like that in every life. But I am very happy that I have the connection to you and of course to our teachers. I would also like to thank dear Nicola very much! Her sympathetic voice, her sense of humor, her serenity, in general her manner is just really fun and it is a pleasure to listen to you. Many thanks to all of you! "

"The Tibet Center with all the great offers is really fantastic! I am so happy that we have such a beautiful place here in Hanover! Thank you all for so much heart and love that this is possible!"

Geshe Palden Öser
Sat 26.06.2021, 2 p.m.


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Practice for beings of great capacity

Since the Lam Rim mainly works towards the spiritual direction of Mahayana and focuses on the love-borne, altruistic desire for enlightenment, Bodhicitta, we want to dedicate the practical day to this topic intensively. One after the other, we will repeat the most important thoughts and meditation techniques for the motivation and view of bodhicitta and practice them intensively together.


- Basic thoughts on bodhicitta and the development of bodhicitta
- The preservation of bodhicitta through measures to prevent its degeneration and to actively strengthen it
- Techniques of meditation on bodhicitta


What makes this degree so special? What is the course content?

The Lam Rim is a handbook, the tools for shaping one's own life orientation, and it is taught here with an emphasis on precisely this practical approach: for direct use.

The textual tradition of Buddhism is vast and difficult to grasp. When Buddhism came to Tibet in its second expansion through the Indian learned master Atisha, he was therefore asked to teach a condensed structure of the essential Buddhist content, which can also be put into practice directly.

In accordance with the request, Atisha had his work checked by the renowned learned institutions, and since then his text “Lam Rim” and the literary genre of the same name that emerged from it have delighted Buddhist students, because they are universal manuals on the topic: “What does Buddhism teach, and how do I get it respective goals of liberation? "

Based on the “medium length lam rim” of the Tibetan master Je Tsongkhapa, the course content covers the topics of what qualities a Buddhist teacher should have, which one must cultivate as a student, the capacities of the goals and the motivation of the seeker, the important laws of karma Mindful facts regarding existence, the arguments regarding the indispensability of love and compassion, the prerequisites for tantra practice and the view of voidness, as well as the necessary types of meditation.


What is the aim of this course?

The aim of the course is to acquire a solid basic Buddhist knowledge as a basis for the confident organization of one's own practice. With this knowledge you can forge your own luck!


Structure of the contents of the Lam Rim basic course


Basic considerations on the situation of being

Clarification and awareness of indisputable facts about dissatisfaction, impermanence and the preciousness of human consciousness; Arguments for changing attitudes towards life are provided.

For this purpose, guidelines are presented for starting a spiritual-philosophical search, finding a suitable spiritual teacher and creating inner prerequisites that guarantee a meaningful and intimate teacher-student connection.


The Lam Rim is divided into three parts:

1. The Exercise for the Beginning Practitioner:

Basic explanations of the situation of one's own experience, statements about actions and their effects in different ranges and detailed information on reinforcing or inhibiting factors convey essential knowledge in relation to karma:

  • How can one explain and interpret one's own experiences of happiness and suffering?
  • Where are we and what possibilities of rebirth are there in principle?
  • How can we skillfully control our own actions and clear up karma?
  • How can suffering and unfavorable rebirths be avoided and good future living conditions be initiated in a targeted manner? And much more


2. The exercises for the middle practitioner

The four noble truths

This topic section includes the Four Noble Truths as a presentation of four extensive statements about reality. In the end, it reveals why what we mistakenly regard as happiness is called “tainted happiness” and why any form of rebirth is to be valued as painful and ultimately not worth striving for.

In addition, the way out, the attainment of nirvana, is discussed: What exactly is meant by this? To what extent does nirvana represent a desirable irreversible, deathless existence beyond the cycle of existence?

The three refuge: Buddha, Dharma and Sangha

The Buddhist triple refuge in Buddha, Dharma and Sangha as the framework, catalyst and protection of the seeker on the path to liberation, as well as the conditions of the ritual for taking the corresponding vows, are explained in detail.

The goal of one's own liberation, which characterizes the average capacity, is outlined, and thus the appearance of the limit of this horizon is made clear.


3. The exercises for the highest practitioner


On the basis of the previous new standpoints and changed perspectives, the purified mind of practitioners undergoes a profound transformation at these higher levels. The causes of the creation of clouded mental states have a much weaker effect, whereby the mind gains more clarity and space. Natural compassion is exposed and the desire to be able to effectively eliminate the suffering of others is awakened: Bodhicitta.

The six perfections, Shamatha and Vipashyana

This section teaches the bodhicitta-soaked practices for developing the six perfections: generosity, ethics, patience, energy, meditation, and wisdom. They form a system of immense scope, the gradual perfecting of which finally opens up the desired higher possibilities of the mind. The criteria for the training of concentrative meditation (Shamatha) and analytical meditation (Vipashyana) for the wisdom of the emptiness of all phenomena are explained in great detail. It is the ultimate truth of their mode of existence, and this direct insight is the crucial factor in gaining liberation. However, your practice cannot be carried out without the previously acquired levels of insight and the accumulation of basic virtues. The internal relationships are therefore explained in detail.



We want to make studying as pleasant as possible, which is why there are detailed written summaries and regular helpful literature recommendations for every lesson, which are sent to all distance students in a timely manner. It is important to us that the participants in the class evenings have a nice and inspiring time with us.


Requirement for participation

The course is ideal for those interested without prior knowledge, but also for refreshing and deepening existing knowledge, as the content has many levels of understanding, the meaning of which only becomes apparent with a lot of experience and practice.


Scope and duration of the course

Lessons take place over a period of 21 months on a total of 36 event days, on Wednesdays, mostly twice a month, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. There will be a practical day as part of the course.


Participation fee

monthly with contract: 15 € (members & reduced) / 20 € (regular)


Dates in 2021

14./28.04., 12.05., 09./23.06., 14./21.07.2021


Wednesday6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.classes
8:00 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.meditation



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