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The legendary civilization of Atlantis is mentioned on a few pages of the famous work "Dialoge" by the Greek philosopher Plato: According to him, Atlantis existed 9,000 years before its time and mysteriously disappeared into the sea during a single day.

Over the centuries writers, historians, scientists and explorers have been concerned with the question of the existence of the legendary island. Here you will find the most famous myths about the mysterious civilization.

Atlantis was a continent that suddenly sank into the Atlantic Ocean.

In his book "Atlantis: The Antediluvian World" from 1882, the author Ignatius Donnelly pursued an interesting thesis: He believed that the achievements of the ancient world (such as metallurgy, language and agriculture) were planned by a far more advanced civilization, than the European. In ancient times, people were not yet sufficiently developed to make such advances. According to him, the sunken continent is exactly where Plato had located it: In the Atlantic Ocean, in the immediate vicinity of two rocks called "The Pillars of Hercules", which border the Strait of Gibraltar.

Atlantis was engulfed in the Bermuda Triangle.

In the 1970s, Charles Berlitz, author of numerous books on paranormal phenomena, confirmed that Atlantis was a real continent that lay near the Bahamas. There it fell victim to the famous “Bermuda Triangle”, that legendary area in the Atlantic in which countless ships have disappeared without leaving a single trace.

Atlantis was Antarctica.

Another theory suggests that Atlantis was actually a much milder version of what is now Antarctica. Charles Hapgood explained that the earth's crust moved 12,000 years ago, pushing the mysterious continent elsewhere. So it became Antarctica. The continent, at that time still with a mild climate, was originally the home of a progressive civilization. But the sudden drop in temperature buried all clues to its ancient inhabitants under countless layers of ice.

Atlantis and the Black Sea.

This theory assumes that Atlantis never existed. The numerous legends that surround the island, however, are inspired by a real historical event: a huge natural dam broke on the Bosphorus 5,600 years ago. In a very short time, around 100,000 square kilometers of arable land disappeared in the all-consuming floods, and countless residents drowned. Those who were able to save themselves told their version of the story, probably creating the myth of Atlantis.

The Minoan civilization lived on Atlantis.

According to one of the most recent theories, the inhabitants of Atlantis were the people of the Greek islands of Crete and Thera (today: Santorini). More than 4,000 years ago, the Minoan people built magnificent palaces, paved roads and they were the first Europeans to use a written language. At the height of their power they suddenly disappeared from history: an eternal mystery that still nourishes the belief in a connection between the lost civilization and Plato's Atlantis.

Atlantis was an invention of Plato.

The majority of scholars and historians agree that the story of the lost kingdom of Atlantis is an invention of Plato. The Greek philosopher invented Atlantis to describe an ideal civilization. The disappearance of the island should be understood as a warning from the gods, who wanted to punish the arrogance of the people.

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