What are the portals for the stock exchange

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Interesting facts about the stock market

An exchange is an organized market where assets are traded at set times.

The stock exchange is the market on which exchangeable goods such as stocks and certificates are traded. Supply and demand meet here and are brought together by stock brokers, who are commercial intermediaries. The stock exchange price determined by the stockbroker or the price for a security traded on the stock exchange is determined on the basis of buy and sell orders. A distinction can be made between 2 forms of exchange trading. On the one hand there is trading on the floor exchange, also known as floor trading, on the other hand there is trading on the electronic route. Since supply and demand can change continuously, the stock exchange price can fluctuate significantly. Corporate news as well as economic data, events such as wars and many more can influence the stock market price. The course is usually determined electronically. Different stock exchange prices are often provided for one and the same security. The reason for this is the trading on different stock exchanges.

The stock exchange provides information on which stock exchanges a security is listed and tradable. There are 9 stock exchanges in Germany (Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Hamburg, Hanover, Berlin, Bremen, Düsseldorf, Munich, Tradegate and Lang & Schwarz). Probably the most important exchange on the German market is Frankfurt with its electronic Xetra® exchange, which accounts for around 80% of the trading volume in shares in Germany. Xetra® offers more than 500,000 products, which means that the exchange has the widest range of products. Investors can trade the most important German and international stocks here between 9:00 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. every trading day. Nowadays, the stocks of the DAX are almost exclusively traded on the Xetra® exchange.

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