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  • At a glance

    At a glance - just the right TV magazine, exactly the right subscription for Haber's little time. At a glance, you can get it with one click.

    As the title suggests, everything in this magazine is actually arranged in such a way that the reader can easily see the television program of the day at a single glance without turning to the individual channels. The family magazine At a Glance is clearly laid out and easy to use. Get a subscription at a glance and look forward to convenient service and financial benefits. At a glance offers a wealth of family-related topics as well as practical advice on everyday topics and puzzles of various kinds, making it a magazine for the whole family. At a glance there is a mini subscription to get to know, but also a half-year subscription and annual subscription. With a gift subscription, you can also make others happy with the TV magazine.

    46.54 EUR
  • Computer week

    COMPUTERWOCHE reports quickly and in detail on all issues relating to information and communication technology in companies - on trends, new technologies, products and markets. A subscription to the magazine "COMPUTERWOCHE" provides all IT managers and professionals with the technical and strategic information they need to optimally align IT to the needs of their companies and their customers. Be always informed - with a subscription to "COMPUTERWOCHE".

    286.00 EUR

    The modern news magazine FOCUS is closer to people and focuses on those who move the world - in politics, business, society, science, culture and sport. And with everything you need to form an opinion: analyzes and comments from competent opinion makers. The editor-in-chief Robert Schneider and his editorial team guarantee a modern and interesting preparation of complex topics.

    122.20 EUR
  • Harvard business manager

    Harvard Business Manager, the German-language edition of the influential management magazine as a subscription offer - the elite knowledge subscription just for you.

    Start a successful professional life with a Harvard Business manager subscription. The Harvard Business manager is published in Germany with the approval of the Harvard Business Review, which reports on management issues in a practice-oriented manner in the USA. The management magazine publishes individual articles from the US edition that have been translated into German. There are also contributions from the German management sector. The Harvard Business Manager writes about current management trends, new approaches to corporate management and exciting business concepts. The authors delve deeply into highly complex topics and can present them in a well-founded and clear manner. In this way, you can find condensed information about management topics that play an important role in large companies. The management magazine Harvard Business manager is published monthly by Manager Magazin-Verlag. Test the magazine with a Harvard Business manager six-month subscription. Or give the Harvard Business manager gift subscription to your business contacts or friends.

    101.50 EUR
  • my beautiful country

    To paraphrase "My beautiful country" with the term magazine is actually wrong. Printed in high quality, on thick paper, not necessarily standard format. And then it is like a small book with a wealth of tips & tricks that want to give you a home that consists of things that come from the country. Inspired by grandmother's times, recipes that use ingredients that are typical of the country. We cook and design with heart and soul. Whether wreaths & table decorations made of grain & ears of wheat, homemade lanterns, cakes and jam. You will be inspired by knowledge from generations. In addition to the printed edition, the editorial team is passionate about blogging.

    My beautiful country introduces you to the most beautiful sides of country life. "Preserve the good, discover the beautiful" is the motto of the "Country Bible", which comes up with a multitude of practical tips, inspiration and interesting facts. If you decide to subscribe to my beautiful country, you will receive an updated issue six times a year. The articles and pictures are about life in the country in harmony with nature. This includes, for example, traditional recipes with seasonal products and suggestions for stylishly decorating your own four walls with natural materials. Knowledge that has been passed on over generations, for example about medicinal plants and weather influences, is also noticed in my beautiful country. With the magazine my beautiful land as a subscription, for example as a half-year or annual subscription, you receive a variety of suggestions and information for a contented life in harmony with the beautiful nature.

    13.50 EUR
  • plus

    The so-called "autumn of life" should not be seen as an inevitable evil, but much more celebrated. A subscription to “Plus” does just that. All the topics that interest people of the best-age generation will find the perfect presentation space in “Plus”. Whether health, partnership, finance, gardening or cosmetics - “Plus” in subscription delivers high-quality journalism that carries you away and a lot more.

    37.80 EUR
  • SUPERillu with DVD

    Are you looking for a suitable gift to recommend? Try out a SUPERillu with a DVD subscription. This is a premium gift idea. You receive a great bonus and the TV magazine comes to your friend, colleague or relative every week. And a great extra, namely the DVD, is also included. But not only that, because SUPERillu with DVD has other entertaining pages to offer. Whether it's fun puzzles or news about living, furnishing or traveling, or the latest tips on film and cinema: with this TV magazine you are simply up to date. In addition, there are background reports, dazzling heart-pain stories from the prominent glittering world and a useful advice section. This is pure entertainment and rounds off the picture of this magazine. So not only TV fans have the program overview in their sights, with a SUPERillu with DVD subscription you are simply well informed every week.

    61.88 EUR

    You can get great living ideas from this magazine. If you still need a gift idea, then you have come to the right place with our subscriptions.

    WOHNIDEE is a monthly living magazine from the pen of the Bauer publishing group. Their range of topics is broad and ranges from furnishing and renovating to decorating and ideas for the design of gardens, patios and balconies. If you subscribe to WOHNIDEE, you will regularly receive a comprehensive and very creative magazine, which is characterized by its furnishing and design suggestions and impresses with its tips on color and wall design, the selection of colors and fabrics as well as the building instructions. Do-it-yourself table decorations are presented for various occasions. Garden enthusiasts can find out interesting facts about useful gardening aids and receive tips and tricks for caring for healthy and beautiful plants and for growing vegetables. There is a mini subscription to get to know. If you read the living magazine regularly and opt for WOHNIDEE as a subscription, you can choose between a six-month subscription and an annual subscription.

    EUR 27.00
  • Business punk

    Business Punk combines business and lifestyle: the magazine presents Ideas, innovations and trends and portrays the makers of the young generation of entrepreneurs. Under the motto “Work hard. Play Hard. " it's not just about the economic success stories but also about the fast and exciting life that the actors lead behind them.

    Business Punk - the business lifestyle magazine for everyone who want to make a difference. For people who do their own thing and for whom a job is more than just a job. With a subscription to Business Punk you will be impressed and never miss an issue.
    21.30 EUR
  • Land & Mountains

    The most beautiful way to experience nature. Every two months, Land & Berge reports on exciting excursion destinations in the most beautiful landscapes in Germany and Central Europe, gives tips for discovery tours and real experiences.

    Land & Berge is the country magazine for everyone who likes to be out in nature, with many recommendations for hiking and stopping off. There are also delicious recipes from the regional cuisine. Land & Berge tells authentic stories about fascinating people who follow their dreams with passion, explores traditional knowledge and the secrets of nature.

    Actively experiencing nature, hiking as a lifestyle, being on the move and enjoying - Land & Berge offers suggestions and inspiration for all of this six times a year.

    12.60 EUR
  • Picture week

    Bild Woche - TV magazine and magazine in one, suits us. Take out a magazine subscription and secure a great bonus, double the 2 in 1 subscription.

    Bildwoche is a TV magazine and illustrated magazine in one and offers its readers an interesting mix of information and entertainment. The reader is always kept up to date on the most important service topics of the week - a reason for many readers to subscribe to the Bildwoche. Interviews with stars and exciting reports as well as a large part of the puzzle determine the character of the picture week. Readers who subscribe to the Bildwoche also appreciate the reference to the Bildzeitung. A subscription to Bildwoche guarantees the reader complete use of the detailed advice section with lots of tips and information from various areas of life: for example, health topics, travel information and tasty cooking recipes. Anyone who would like to give away a Bildwoche subscription or order it for themselves can choose from various types of offer and benefit from the respective price advantages. The Bildwoche is also available as a mini subscription with a total of 13 issues, as a half-year subscription, as an annual subscription and as a gift subscription to give gifts to friends, acquaintances and relatives.

    46.54 EUR

    A SPIEGEL HISTORY subscription is exactly the ideal gift for you if you are interested in extensive background stories on important world events. Whether pyramids and pharaohs, the invention of the printing press or the development of the Internet - here you will find gripping highlights from different epochs and from all places in the world. If you send the magazine as a gift subscription, you can also secure a high-quality bonus. The journal is published by studied historians and many science experts and is always up to date. Tasteful design, a varied selection of topics and guest authors with impressive opinions - this is what a SPIEGEL HISTORY subscription offers you that comes to your home every two months. The SPIEGEL HISTORY subscription also offers exclusive reports with numerous photo series as well as historical analyzes and valuable side glances.

    EUR 24.90
  • Football week

    Football Week, the must-have magazine subscription for all Berlin footballers and fans of the Berlin football scene. From amateur to professional leagues, everything is included.

    The Football Week has been published weekly since 1923 with all the information about football. With its reports and reports, the magazine is aimed primarily at football fans from the Berlin area. Subscription football week is in high demand and shows that sports magazines with regional significance also have a permanent place in the press. If you subscribe to the Football Week, you will not only find the Bundesliga clubs here, but also reports on current sporting achievements and background reports on the Berlin football world. You can also choose a football week subscription as a gift subscription. Ongoing match reports and statistics offer the opportunity to build up a continuous collection of sporting activities in Berlin football. The subscription football week is in your mailbox every Monday morning. Choose between a mini subscription, a half-year subscription or an annual subscription and let yourself be inspired by the well-researched stories. Stay tuned!

    83.20 EUR
  • lastauto omnibus

    lastauto omnibus - also practical for long-distance drivers with a subscription. In the mailbox when you get home, use the absence service for longer journeys.

    The magazine lastauto omnibus, which has been published since 1924, offers you the whole world of commercial vehicles. Are you interested in new models of trucks, vans or buses? Do you value independent and detailed test reports? Then lastauto omnibus is exactly the right choice for you. A new issue of the renowned magazine appears ten times a year, and with a magazine subscription it can be delivered to you conveniently and on time at home. In addition to the competent commercial vehicle tests, lastauto omnibus also offers you a wide range of information on the latest technical developments. So you always stay up to date and get first-hand news on the subject of commercial vehicles. Informative background reports and current dates and events round off the lastauto omnibus offer. You can order the magazine online and convince yourself of the quality - for example in the form of a trial subscription.

    41.00 EUR

    The magazine for all two-wheel enthusiasts has been published by a Dortmund publisher since 1993. MOTORRAD NEWS by subscription is delivered directly to your home once a month. On over 120 pages you can find out everything about new machines, test results and technical developments. Information about accessories and a classified ad section are also important parts of the MOTORRAD NEWS. With a subscription, you won't miss any of the exciting reports on extraordinary tours that introduce you to regional as well as international routes. The integrated calendar also informs you about important events. Helpful tips for buying advice can be found here as well as reports on the most important manufacturers and the individual models. Convince yourself with a trial subscription for three months or reserve the affordable annual subscription to the MOTORRAD NEWS right away.

    18.60 EUR

    Romana, boundless romance in every issue paired with that holiday feeling. You have unlimited reading pleasure with our subscription offers.

    Does your heart beat for passionate love stories? Can you get excited about romantic messes and emotional happy endings? Then a ROMANA subscription is just right for you. The subscription magazine ROMANA is a series of novels for romance fans that goes straight to the heart. "Limitless romance" is the motto of the popular series of novels, which has already cast a spell over numerous readers. Let yourself be carried away with a ROMANA subscription into the world of great emotions, heartbreak and boundless love. With a six-month subscription or a convenient annual subscription, you can look forward to a new edition of ROMANA every two weeks. You can also conveniently order ROMANA online and you will soon have the new edition in your hands. And then there are no more limits to the imagination and romance - see for yourself.

    45.50 EUR
  • TV clear

    With a TV klar subscription you always have a clear view of the television program. The program guide is characterized by a reader-friendly and clearly structured program section - so you can always find the programs that really interest you in no time at all. With a subscription to TV, you can look forward to a new issue every week - with a convenient annual subscription all year round. But TV clearly also offers its readers a lot of practical tips, inspiration and service. The lucrative competitions are particularly popular. With this magazine subscription, you benefit from useful tips for everyday life and exciting puzzles in every issue. You can also find interesting articles from the fields of travel and serious reviews in the magazine TV klar. In this way, the TV magazine becomes your competent companion through everyday life.

    35.10 EUR

    REAL CRIMES is the young crime magazinededicated to all aspects of real crime.

    In every issue you will find breathtaking and shocking criminal cases that actually happened. The cases are presented authentically on the basis of interviews with the responsible detectives, criminologists, perpetrators and accomplices.

    With a subscription to REAL CRIMES, you can enjoy breathtaking stories of true crimes and never miss an issue again.

    10.00 EUR

    Subscribe to caravanning, because our subscriptions are just as mobile and flexible as you are. Even when you're on vacation, with a convenient out-of-office or forwarding service.

    Fascinating reports, brilliant pictures and practical tips are conveniently delivered to the readers once a month with the CARAVANING subscription. A large part of the CARAVANING magazine, which has existed since 1959, takes up purchase advice and tests of caravans and mobile homes. In addition, with this magazine subscription, camping enthusiasts can find out everything they need to know about innovations in camping and leisure accessories. The expert tips and of course the detailed reports on interesting campsites are particularly popular. With CARAVANING on subscription, an extensive campsite archive with the most beautiful national and international parking spaces is gradually being created. The CARAVANING subscription offers the reader very specific and competent information and can be ordered online as a mini subscription for three months, as a six-month subscription or as an annual subscription. A subscription comparison shows which subscription is the right one.

    25.20 EUR
  • Parents family

    Eltern Family would like to accompany you from kindergarten to puberty. We are happy to support this year after year with an annual magazine subscription.

    While “Eltern” specialized in life with small children, “Eltern family” provides useful assistance with everything that makes everyday life with children aged 5 and over so stressful. This magazine competently advises helpless parents on matters of leisure, school and family life. With the help of a "Parents for family" subscription you lay the foundation for a more peaceful coexistence.

    28.20 EUR

    With a “history” subscription you can relive long-forgotten events. Every month the journalists focus on a specific topic and emphasize this with high-quality illustrations. The subscription deepens previous knowledge and promotes new things. Reading “history” means understanding history.

    EUR 51.20
  • Ma Vie

    ma vie is an invitation to just pause and take your time and space. In ma vie it's about traditional values, conscious consumption and quality.

    The focus of the magazine is the art of taking your time. Here, attention to detail, new perspectives, conscious living, design and enjoyment and the experience of nature are treated. The magazine is aimed atcreative people with visions and shows different perspectives on the world. Whether cooking, being creative, decorating or designing yourself ma vie invites you to relax, enjoy yourself and vitality.

    Subscribe ma vie now and find one with the help of the magazinemore comfortable and mindful lifestyle. The ma vie subscription is available as a half-year subscription to get to know each other. If you want to give your best friend a ma vie subscription, you can choose the gift subscription.

    The focus of the magazine is the art of taking your time. Here, the attention to detail, new perspectives, conscious living, design and enjoyment and the experience of nature are treated. The magazine is aimed at creative people with visions and shows different perspectives on the world. Whether cooking, being creative, decorating or designing yourself ma vie invites you to relax, enjoy yourself and vitality.

    Subscribe ma vie now and find one with the help of the magazine more comfortable and mindful lifestyle. The ma vie subscription is available as a six-month subscription to get to know each other. If you want to give your best friend a ma vie subscription, you can choose the gift subscription.

    17.85 EUR
  • Partner dog

    Dogs are known to be man's best friends. Logical consequence - a subscription is the best friend of readers of the "Partner Hund" magazine.

    Partner Hund magazine is all about man's best friend. If you want to be fully informed about the hairy four-legged friends and are looking for suggestions and tips, you are well advised to subscribe to Partner Hund. The magazine is available, for example, as a mini subscription or an annual subscription. Partner Hund appears monthly and has a lot to offer: in addition to informative reports and portraits of different breeds, there are also practical tips for everyday life with dogs. You will also find important advice for the health of your animal friend in the booklets. Nutrition tips and tips on the subject of upbringing are also not neglected in Partner Hund. With a partner dog subscription, you won't miss anything from the world of dogs, because the magazine also provides the best information about current trends.

    22.80 EUR

    SkiMagazin - everything you need to know on and off the slopes. The departure subscription for yourself or the super combo as a gift subscription for friends?

    Ski MAGAZIN is one of the largest German-language ski magazines. Ski enthusiasts buy Ski MAGAZIN by subscription so that they don't miss any issue. Each issue has an exciting cover story and an overview of interesting events. In the service section, ski enthusiasts will find tips for effective strength training and other fitness tips as preparation for the slopes. If you want to deepen your knowledge, you will be happy to receive valuable advice on the right ski touring or driving in deep snow, as well as suggestions and test reports for the right equipment. Exciting travel reports about the most beautiful ski areas in the world with impressive photos as well as reports and interviews make Ski MAGAZINE essential reading for all ski fans. There are several options for a Ski MAGAZIN subscription, for example the low-cost half-year subscription or the annual subscription. Anyone who wants to whet their acquaintances, friends and relatives in the snow and recommends Ski MAGAZINE as a premium subscription will receive one of the numerous subscription awards.

    16.80 EUR
  • VIEW

    VIEW readers are enthusiastic about the impressive photos and the reports on exciting events. Internationally renowned photographers ensure the variety of images and outstanding shots. As a gift subscription, VIEW is an excellent gift idea for people who like to be infected by the effect of the pictures. The quality of the reports and the first-class photography have already earned VIEW a number of awards and prizes. The monthly general interest magazine published by Stern magazine focuses on the world in pictures. Those who subscribe to VIEW will appreciate the 150-page magazine being divided into three areas: Report of the month, Pictures of the month and People of the month. VIEW by subscription is optionally available as a half-year or annual subscription at an attractive special price. If you want to get to know the magazine first, choose the mini subscription.

    28.20 EUR

    CAVALLO - the best-selling equestrian and horse magazine in Germany, appeals to all riders and horse owners with its diverse mix of exciting reports from the world of horses. CAVALLO focuses on in-depth product tests, valuable Know-how about equine medicine as well as all forms ofHorse training and behavioral research.

    CAVALLO's target group are riders of all styles, horse owners, breeders and drivers. As the market leader, CAVALLO reaches the demanding and well-informed opinion leaders who want up-to-date and practical information about all facets of their hobbies or their jobs. With a subscription to CAVALLO never miss an issue.
    EUR 34.80

    LAFER - the journal for good taste Germany's most popular and best-known culinary personality, the top chef Johann Lafer, celebrates the most beautiful sides of life in his own connoisseur magazine. The opulent magazine invites you into Johann Lafer's world. It takes readers on new, inspiring and exciting journeys into the creative world of good taste.

    With feuilletonistic readings, high-service travel reports and exciting photo essays, the magazine offers a uniquely diverse mix of topics. 40 exquisite, seasonally coordinated recipes commented on by the chef himself make every issue a seductive collector's item. With a subscription to LAFER MAGAZINE Receive 4 times a year with exquisite and seasonal with valuable tips from top chef Johann Lafer personally. Let it inspire you!
    15.60 EUR
  • At a glance with TV World

    Subscribing to the magazine At a Glance with TV World gives you a detailed insight into the TV and radio programs. In addition, the complete digital and premiere program can be viewed on over 60 pages, so that even the best programs are covered in their high-resolution quality. In a successful mix, the magazine also scores points as a woman illustrated and turns to household and life advice. In the form of exciting reports and practical advice, the weekly magazine offers useful tips for all situations. Whether household, fashion or partnership: Whatever moves modern women today is thematized and processed in an informative way. A variety of competitions and puzzles round off the entertainment offer. With At a Glance with subscription to TV World, you can keep track of everything and also receive a great bonus with a premium subscription.

    51.74 EUR
  • connect

    connect, we take the magazine title literally. We will be happy to connect and mediate you with a subscription to Europe's largest telecommunications magazine.

    You can find everything from the world of telecommunications in connect magazine. It appears monthly. With connect as a subscription, the latest news is always delivered to you hot off the press. connect is a competent buying and practical guide and always provides you with comprehensive information. Hardly any other industry is developing as quickly as that of the networked world. Connect magazine readers know what you need to know. With a connect subscription, you can look forward to extensive market overviews every month and learn everything that is really important in the fields of law and telecommunications. Detailed information on the latest devices from international manufacturers, practical tests and everything you need to know from telecommunications fairs around the world - a magazine subscription from connect offers you all of this. As a half-year or annual subscription, the trade magazine connect is your competent companion - see for yourself!

    40.80 EUR

    Knowledge is money! The modern business and finance magazine FOCUS-MONEY is a important advisor on current topics such as finance, taxes, law, insurance and provides up-to-date researched economic facts, well-founded analyzes and in every issue concrete recommendations on the subject of investments, taxes and law.

    111.80 EUR
  • Historical

    HISTORICAL, if the bold hero does not appear on your doorstep, but you dream of passionate adventures, your subscription story begins here.

    Be there when strong heroes and beautiful women fight for honor, happiness and great love. “Historical” is full of passion and tension - affairs, intrigue and betrayal, romance and adventure are the components of these popular historical novels and bring past eras back to life. A subscription to the "Historical" will enchant you - experience it for yourself.

    25.50 EUR
  • My beautiful country house

    My beautiful country house, the magazine subscription for passionate decorators who love the country style. High quality printed, modern preparation.


    The my beautiful country house subscription reveals tricks and tips for the decorative design of your home in rural style and explains many different variations of the country style. The focus of the magazine is on the flair of natural country life. Get the cozy country flair straight to your home with a My beautiful country house subscription. To get to know the magazine, it is also available as a half-yearly subscription. If you would like to give away my beautiful country house to your friends as a subscription, choose the gift subscription.

    14.85 EUR
  • PM magazine

    Science for everyone - something like that is the topic of “PM Magazin”. Topics such as people and nature or history and technology are always up-to-date and presented in an exciting way. Scientific findings that concern everyone, as well as the latest successes, make “PM Magazin” a unique source of information by subscription. Become an insider too - with a subscription to “PM Magazin”.

    29.40 EUR
  • sweet Dreams

    The high-quality trend magazine Sweet Dreams with subscription for baked fairies and those with a sweet tooth presents international, regional and, above all, seasonal delicacies 6 times a year. A coffee table magazine that inspires with a range of classics from grandma's cookbook, delightful cupcakes and dream cakes from professionals with the corresponding tips and tricks. World champion confectioner Bernd Siefert is a permanent competence partner at Sweet Dreams.

    Stylishly staged and with a high-quality look that whets your appetite and seduces you to enjoy, Sweet Dreams has a high collector's character among its fans. Get Sweet Dreams with a practical subscription.
    18.00 EUR
  • yacht

    Subscribe to yacht, the magazine, not a boat. You can still set the reading sails, we are the safe anchor - our subscription bonus is the wind that drives you.

    Who doesn't dream from time to time of the freedom to simply drift across the oceans? On a luxury yacht like the ones lying in so many in the port of Monte Carlo. But for that you need a little more on the savings account than what you need for one of our yacht subscriptions. On the other hand, sailing on a yacht, whether small or large, can be a demanding job and you have to overcome some driving license hurdles until you get permission to explore almost every body of water in the world. For our magazine subscription to the yacht you don't need a driver's license at first, on the contrary, with one of our rewards we will even reward you if you are enthusiastic about all exciting topics about boats, sailing equipment and traveling on the water.

    YACHT - Europe's largest sailing magazine appears 25 times a year and every 14 days shows the passion and fascination of sailing. You will receive reports on the most beautiful sailing areas near and far, tests & technology, helpful tips and tricks on sailing technology and tactics, the seamanship and information on the major sailing events. YACHT - subscription is the No. 1 for sailors.
    78.00 EUR
  • Recipes with a heart

    Tired of the same dishes every week? The recipe with heart magazine offerscreative, simple recipes as well as cooking and baking tips for everyday life. Lots of valuable information on the topics of cooking, baking and enjoying.

    Whether it's a delicious lunch for the whole family or cool snacks to take with you to the next party. The varied Thermomix recipes are easy to conjure up and offer delicacies for young and old. In addition to Thermomix ideas from other readers, you will find classics reinvented. With a subscription to Recipes with a heart 6 times a year you will receive innovative and creative cooking and baking ideas with valuable tips for everyday life. Enjoy your meal!
    14.70 EUR
  • BOOM

    The fluffy yellow bear delights children's hearts all over the country with its stories, songs and ideas every month. The educational magazine teaches children between the ages of 3 and 7 years of age basic preschool knowledge in a playful way and invites its young readers to become active themselves on the lovingly designed coloring and handicraft pages. Furthermore, an animal photo and various reading stories are an integral part of the magazine. Every issue appears with a great extra that fits the topic. Let's go - let's dive into the world of BUMMI and his friends!

    25.74 EUR
  • indicator

    Is Blinker your favorite fishing magazine? Can we catch you with our premium bait for an annual subscription or a gift subscription?

    A magazine subscription to the Blinker magazine is a must for all Petri disciples. The fishing magazine provides you with comprehensive information on all aspects of fishing. With a Blinker subscription you will receive a freshly printed issue every month. Blinker offers you comprehensive reports on the subject of species so that you are always up to date. Sport fishing is also featured in background reports and reports in the blinker - so you don't miss anything from the world of anglers. Another focus is the equipment. After all, there are always new products on the market with which you can optimize your fishing technique and increase your fishing success. With the test reports in the blinker, you always have an overview of this area. If you subscribe to Blinker magazine, you can also look forward to attractive extras such as DVDs on fishing topics.

    37.20 EUR
  • Gala

    The gala by subscription - the magazine provides information every week You & over 2 million readers about the glamorous world of stars & high society.

    With a gala subscription you are a guest in the glamorous every week World of stars and high society. The glossy magazine is always up close when the "Who's Who" from film, television, music, sport and aristocratic houses walks the red carpets of the international glittering metropolises to show them off.

    A gala subscription invites you to join exclusive home stories visits the living rooms of great celebrities and gives you an intimate glimpse into the life of A-list celebrities. In addition to fashion and beauty sections, a lifestyle section and Shopping guides specials on interesting topics related to women are an integral part.

    Treat yourself to your well-deserved break from everyday life and the most beautiful moments with a gala subscription. You can view the gala as Try a mini subscription or you benefit from low prices & great rewards with the half-yearly and annual subscriptions.

    96.20 EUR
  • Laura

    Laura - the young, wild women's magazine from Bauer Media with everything to do with fashion, beauty and trends for women, order from us by subscription.

    Laura offers a unique lightness among a multitude of women's magazines. Basically, it's about household and lifestyle. What will be cooked tomorrow is quickly clarified thanks to the recipes in this magazine. At the same time, the refreshing magazine inspires young and young-at-heart women to develop their own taste in fashion. In addition to valuable health tips, women talk about their own successes with healthy diets and report in detail about their experiences. With Laura on subscription, you are also always informed about the hottest travel destinations. Entertaining entertainment is paired with specialist knowledge of a wide variety of categories such as psychology and law. Partnership is also a regular issue. With Laura subscription, career women and housewives find an incentive to take indispensable breaks and continue to be prepared for the diverse tasks of everyday life. With every expenditure, life becomes easier and there is more time for pleasant activities.

    45.24 EUR
  • MOTORSPORT current

    MOTORSPORT aktuell on subscription provides all information about national and international car races. From Formula 1 to WTCC to rallies, the magazine covers all categories of motorized sport. At the same time, the magazine keeps its readership up to date about professional MOTORSPORT. Be it MotoGP or off-road - lovers of the fast-paced competitions get a deep and broad overview of the subject in all its facets. Each issue reports on the latest happenings on the racetracks with exciting reports and interviews. Using precise analyzes, detailed lists of results and extensive statistics, you can also get an exact picture of the current situation in MOTORSPORT. MOTORSPORT aktuell is therefore a competent source with a subscription to obtain exclusive information on the course and result of the fast-paced races at weekly intervals.

    73.75 EUR

    Runner's World - regardless of whether it is a half-year or annual subscription, the start and finish line of your reading marathon of running magazine is with us!

    RUNNER'S WORLD is not only one of the largest running magazines in Germany, but also internationally. The sports magazine was founded in the USA in 1967, while in Germany it has been on the market since 1993. It offers enthusiastic and ambitious runners decisive guidance and leads them to running successes. Current facts and research results on the subject of running and fitness alternate with tips for the right diet, for optimal training, the right equipment and information about the latest fashionable outfits mixed with gripping reports. RUNNER'S WORLD appears with a monthly circulation of more than 60,000 copies. If you want to stay on the road to success as a runner, you can get RUNNER'S WORLD by subscription, for example as a half-yearly or annual subscription. Those who buy RUNNER'S WORLD as a subscription benefit from the well-founded shoe and equipment tests and from the publication of important dates for the running and marathon scene.

    31.80 EUR
  • TV clear with TV World

    Tired of struggling through confusing TV magazines and only then not finding what you are looking for? Then it's time to subscribe to “TV Klar mit TV World”. The clearly structured part of the program makes finding what you want child's play. And the time you gain is then sweetened thanks to the entertaining puzzles and reading offer. TV world magazine is also available so that you as a viewer can keep track of pay TV and the digital reception areas. Make something of your time - with “TV Klar mit TV World”.

    40.30 EUR